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LW VRM heatsink Production Company

There are some devices which work with the collaboration of some other machinery parts .For example the VRM which is also known as voltage regulator module.

The function of the VRM is to maintain the voltage in processing units.it works as a main function running device. We have designed a VRM heatsink which functions along the VRM and cools down its excessive heat.

The excessive heat flow may cause a huge damage to the motherboard. Our VRM heatsink is able to cool down the high heat of the system and make it work properly without any stop.

Our VRM heatsink doesn’t require a motherboard for thermal balance. Our customers can book the products according to their choice.

We prefer your choice hence make it on your demand. Our great customer care services are the connection between us and clients.

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Classification of VRM heatsink

VRM R1 heatsink

VRM R1 heatsink

The VRM R1 heatsink we manufacture is best for that system which has a special fan panel. There are holes and fins forged into it .The fins and holes are very necessary for the VRM heatsink because it allows ventilation in the processing unit. On the other hand it has also soldered fins which are coated with nikel.it has a benefit that it allows the installation of fans very easily. The fans with the size of 80x25mmor 80x15mm fans can be installed easily with the help of VRM R1

VRM R2 heatsink:

The VRM R2 is the heatsink which is suitable for the processing units which have Tower cooler installed on it.

It is also made with the forging of fins in it. The fins help to pass the fresh air from the atmosphere .The fresh air eventually helps in cooling down the heat generated in the system of your device and regulates the temperature or heat in it. Some modern operating systems need to balance the extra or maximum voltage because it may heat up the device which leads to the damage ,the vrm R2 is best for these latest designed processing units.

VRM R2 heatsink


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Why LW is your best choice for VRM heatsink

Sustained level products

Our excellence of making different products is undoubted and it has no match. We make our product wholeheartedly. Our latest machinery and newly invented procedures is the sign of our enthusiasm. We fabricate the VRM heatsink in a way that it increases the life of your system.it helps to maintain the voltage in your operating system.

Contrast products

We fabricate the VRM heatsink into further kind’s .The VRM R1 heatsink ND VRM R2 heatsink. Both are quite different from one another; the VRM r1 is designed for that system which has a panel fan in it. And the VRM r2 heatsink is for that system which has a cooler tower. The vrm heatsink is best for modern gadgets like operating systems or processing units.

Fast moving shipment

We ship the products as soon as possible. We deliver the products all around the world with complete protection of the products.

Proficient team for customer service

Your queries will never Unanswered in LW. We make sure that any query you have can answer in the best possible ways. The satisfaction of the client is our utmost priority.

LW your best choice for VRM heatsink

  • Size of VRM  heatsink:

The size of the VRM heatsink starts from 9mm in length, 9mm in width and 4mm in height. The VRM heatsink we fabricate is durable and doesn’t get affected by  the high temperature.

  • Color of VRM heatsink

It is best to choose the dark color for the VRM heatsink. We are familiar that the light color VRM has less potential to work properly .The dark color like black will work 8 % more effectively as compared to the light color VRM heatsink.

Application of VRM heatsink

vrm heatsink for processing unit
Processing unit
vrm-heatsink for laptop

LW: The top most Quality VRM heatsink

The fabrication of the VRM heatsink is very important because it is the utmost need of your device.

We make it with the forged process .There are holes and fins are forged into the VRM heatsink which helps in the.

Our VRM are both single stage and multistage. Our fine quality VRM heatsink is the supporting unit for your devices.

The installation of the VRM heatsink needs a buck converter. The buck converter will help the thermal conductivity between VRM and MOSFET.

As VRM helps to supply the smooth voltage into your device we make it flawless.

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