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The uncompromising performance of our glass board for walls for about 15 years has ranked us among the top manufacturers of Wall Mounted Whiteboards.

We produce a variety of whiteboards such as magnetic whiteboards for walls and glass boards for walls. They can be used in various settings such as homes. tuitions, classrooms, gyms, swimming pools, and so on.

Our top-selling Wall Mounted Whiteboard is made with custom requests because we can make different styles of them. Other than that our Minimum Quantity Benefit will help you with the lower costs.

So, why wait to take advantage of this offer.

Wall Mounted Whiteboard Products

1.Wall Mounted Porcelain Whiteboard

Wall Mounted Porcelain Whiteboard

This dry erase wall has different sizes ranging from large (3600×1200) to small (900×600). They have heavy-duty surfaces but are low in density. The Aluminum frames make them firm and strong. The back side is made of steel for rigidness and there are mounting holes in the back. These are 1mm thick with a good appearance. The pen and eraser tray come alongside. This type of whiteboard is used for domestic and commercial purposes.

Mounted Magnetic Whiteboard for wall

This magnetic whiteboard for wall has steel standoffs to make it fixed. They also range from small to large sizes (24Wx36H and 95Wx48H). The pen and wiper tray come as handy. The mounting holes in the back are hidden. These are for domestic and industrial use.

2.Wall Mounted Magnetic Whiteboard.
Wall Mounted Glass Board.

Wall Mounted Glass Board

This glass board for wall is commonly used by large institutions and organizations. With delicate features with it, they are expensive. The settings are often concealed ceilings and plain background for visibility on the glass board and to prevent reflections.

Sliding Wall Mounted Whiteboard

This Wall Mounted Whiteboard is usually for classrooms. These whiteboards are fixed in the cabinet to utilize space and multi-use of a space. Multiple boards with sliding whiteboard panels are good for plenty of writing.

4.Sliding Wall Mounted Whiteboard.


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LW Wall Mounted Whiteboard- Advantages


The Wall Mounted Whiteboard Core is made of Fiber which is less dense. This contributes to the lightweight. Hence, it can be carried over easily.


With the same space use, you can utilize your books and whiteboard. This eases work at home and in school settings.


The Wall Mounted Whiteboard saves room space. It is just mounted on the wall without occupying any volume. They are designed to be slimmer and polished with porcelain for easy and understandable writing.

Environment Friendly

With these whiteboards, there is no waste of paper, and dust-free. The environment remains neat and clean. They are the neatest of writing as compared to blackboards that use chalks.

Healthy option

These dry erase board for walls cause no dust allergies. The ink marker and erasers are visually impactful.

A Premium Wall Mounted Whiteboard Maker

Our magnetic whiteboard for wall is in-demand for the following specifications:

  • Enhanced Engagement

The Wall Mounted Whiteboard increases creativity level. Writing on a vast surface is fun, and there is freedom attached to mobility on a large surface. Furthermore, it is not permanent but erased upon mistakes. 

  • Flexibility

The dry erase board for wall can be used any time anywhere. You can resume your tasks on it. That is why it is used in calendars and schedule making, and plan-making that can be added daily. 

  • Accessories Tray

The Wall Mounted Whiteboard is a full package with pens and erasers with a tray to keep them.

  • Coated surfaces

The small or large whiteboard for wall is not vulnerable to any spills that would destroy its appearance or function.

Plenty of Applications of Wall Mounted Whiteboard

Wall Mounted Whiteboard in Classrooms.
Wall Mounted Whiteboard for Notices.
Wall Mounted Whiteboard in Office.
Wall Mounted Whiteboard for Plans.
Wall Mounted Whiteboard for Calendars.
Wall Mounted Whiteboard for Schedule.

Customized Wall Mounted Whiteboard

The wall white board is made under special conditions for you to make maximum use of it. The porcelain coating and the Aluminum frames are specifically made for safe use in homes, offices, classrooms, and industrial places. 

We acknowledge your requirement for a convenient design of Wall Mounted Whiteboard. So, we make different sizes and styles for you such as the magnetic glass board for wall.

We make different colors for you. For instance, if you want your whiteboard to contrast a specific color setting, we fulfill your wish by giving it the color you desire.

Whether it is a glass board for wall or a common whiteboard, our R&D department makes sure to have your order ready according to your suggestions.

Moreover, we are a suitable spot for finding your everyday accessories including the Wall Mounted Whiteboard.

Therefore, we suggest you contact us at the earliest to get a quote for your customized Wall Mounted Whiteboard accordingly.