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LW: Whiteboard Tripod Stand Specialist

Are you looking for a set of whiteboard tripod stands? The whiteboard tripod stands are specially designed to hold your aluminum or wooden outdoor writing boards at the perfect height for drawing.

It comes with a large leg base, which is sturdy and durable due to its small-medium size and light weight. You may use whiteboard tripod stands to present, share and teach.

With the ability to rotate 360 degrees and tilt, these models offer multiple viewing angles that allow you to see the entire whiteboard simply by turning your body or leaning over.

Whiteboard Tripod Stand

Whiteboard tripod stands are a great addition to any classroom. The compact, lightweight design allows you to move your whiteboard easily from one classroom to the next – making it easy to switch between rooms.

Additionally, they come in many colors, neatly complementing your overall decor. Whiteboard tripod stands give you the ability to carry out your whiteboard without the use of a laptop or tablet.

This can be especially advantageous for use in higher education and training facilities where whiteboard usage is not only encouraged but it is also essential.


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LW: Whiteboard Tripod Stand Expert

We design to fulfill all your specific needs.

Come to us if you want a whiteboard tripod stand which is not only durable, but also sturdy and fashionable. Our whiteboard tripod stands are designed to fulfill all the needs of your customers. A whiteboard tripod stand makes an attractive display in the market and convinces them to purchase your product. We provide excellent service to our valuable customers.

Committed to providing the best customer service possible.

We strive to offer high quality whiteboard tripod stands at a great price. Not only do we have the best prices but our products are also made from durable materials that will not break on you. We are committed to providing the best customer service possible, so if your order arrives damaged or you need any help at all, please contact us via email or phone.

Best price available in the market today.

The Whiteboard Tripod Stand is the best way to keep your whiteboard from getting scratched, damaged or falling . It will hold up to two stationary whiteboards and is made with durable, eco-friendly aluminum that is also easy to clean. This tripod stand is designed for short or long standing times and will fit any globe tripods! You’ll also have the best price available from us.

Customization options just for you.

Our 3-foot tripod stand is an ideal addition to your whiteboard/flip charts and it's available in all colors! The compact stand is easy to use, with adjustable height from -10.5" - 12.25". The ideal companion to our whiteboard, the tripod stand supports and protects your whiteboard while you draw, paint or use it in any way. Need it customized? You've got us.

Whiteboard Tripod Stand

Why You Should Utilize A Whiteboard Tripod Stand

Ideal for school desks, conference rooms, and more!

Whiteboard Tripod stands are ideal for use on school desks, conference rooms, and drafting tables. The legs fold down to allow for compact storage and transport, plus they have a carrying case included with purchase. The casters are designed so that you can move them around your home or office without ever disturbing the surface of the whiteboard.

Teach almost anywhere with frequent usage!

Whether you’re holding a meeting in your office or classroom, our whiteboard tripod stands are easy to move when needed. Two-person operation makes it convenient for anyone to use a whiteboard. In addition, they’re designed to withstand frequent uses most other products won’t provide.

Common Whiteboard Tripod Stand Applications

Whiteboard Tripod Stand for Conference Rooms
Conference Rooms
Whiteboard Tripod Stand for Presentations

LW: Whiteboard Tripod Stand Expert

Any person who owns a company really needs to have the Whiteboard Tripod Stand. The weight of a whiteboard or canvas may be supported by this apparatus.

So that you can make useful notes and ideas as you work on them. It frees up your workstation so you can maximize the effectiveness of every square inch of available area.

Whiteboards, when they get dirty and covered with dust, may be a pain to clean, as is common knowledge among all of us.

In addition, if there is nothing written on them, they are not the most useful objects to have in a schoolroom setting.

However, there is a solution to both of these problems that can be found in whiteboard tripod supports.

These stands enable you to utilize your whiteboard without having to worry about where it is placed.

Here at LW, we aspire to fulfill all your needs and your whiteboard tripod stand dream into a reality.

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