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LW whiteboard manufacturing and supplying Company

LW is a whiteboard manufacturer company .we manufacture and supplies the whiteboard for your needs and according to your field. 

Our whiteboard is a best choice for your office, school. Our smooth surface whiteboard comes with the marker. You can easily erase the marker from it. 

The markers we provide with the it is not a permanent marker. The color of this marker is black and blue. Our company is a renowned whiteboard supplier which works 24/7 for quality product. 

You can purchase the wholesale whiteboard which is a benefit to your economical budget. We also supply markerboard. Our markerboard is an addition to your classroom and office.

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Classification of whiteboard

Melamine whiteboard

Melamine whiteboard

The melamine whiteboard is made with the coating of is not an expensive we are the whiteboard manufacturer, whiteboard supplier you can buy this melamine white board in wholesale whiteboard which is very economical. The stains of the marker may shows up on the white board but it can be removed by frequently cleaning of the white board. These whiteboards are also considered as a dry erase boards. Another specialty of these whiteboard is that it is markerboard .you have a choice to use either black or blue marker on it.

Porcelain whiteboard

This white board is made of the layer of a ceramic and aluminum or sometimes with the steel. The white board which has a steel back is also a magnetic white board and a markerboard as well. The benefit of the porcelain white board is that it is also a dry erase board. This dry erase board is very simple and maintenance free. The stains of marker hardly show up on this merkerboard. You can have this dry erase board in your office or factory is also used as a white dry erase boards.

Porcelain whiteboard
Glass whiteboard

Glass whiteboard

LW manufacture the glass whiteboard with the tempered glass which is a very safe and protected glass .you can customize these dry erase board wither with any framer of your choice or you can choose it to be frame is also a dry erase board and can be used as a merkerboard. You can also have a choice of the it as a clear one.


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Product Categories

LW the suppliers and manufacturers of whiteboard

LW the highly caliber product

We are the whiteboard manufacturer and whiteboard suppliers. You have a free will to choose the type of whiteboard you thing is sure that you won’t find flaw in the product as we provide the high quality product. The dry erase board is a favorite choice of our clients; you can also choose a merkerboard or white dry erase boards.

LW and variety and customize products

You can customize the whiteboard as you want .we have a large variety of whiteboard. Dry erase board, markerboard, modern whiteboard, erasable board, erasable whiteboard and pen whiteboard. White dry erase boards.

LW and preview product supplier

We are benefiting pour clients with the providing of preview copy of our product. You can choose the type of the copy you want it can either be a dry erase board, merkerboard or any other white board.

LW the customer service that you need

If you need any help while selecting product. . We will provide you the customer service which you want.


LW professional in whiteboard

Size of whiteboard

You have a choice of choosing your product size. But here we are also giving you the standard size of the whiteboard which is 4×6 that means it is suitable in 4 feet in length or tall and 6 feet width.

 Colors of whiteboard:

The color of the whiteboard is white. You can have a marker of your choice like black or blue for the it . We prefer white color because it looks elegant and it doesn’t effects visually.

Applications of whiteboard

whiteboard for classroom
whiteboard for office
whiteboard for home schools
Home Schools
whiteboard for meeting room
Meeting room

LW the Superior Quality of whiteboard

LW is a whiteboard suppliers and whiteboard manufacturer. You will get the best product in our company.

We never ever compromise on the standard we have made in 15 years. If you want to buy the products in economical rates and cheap rate then you are at the right place.

You can purchase the bulk quantity from our wholesale whiteboard. We also give you the whiteboard and stand which can be used at the time of need and can be store if not in use.

Our white board will make it easy for you to convey your message and theories either to students or staff member of the office.

We send you the product in the short period of time as you make the order.

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Whiteboard - FAQs

We specialize in manufacturing and delivering custom whiteboards.

Our customers have many questions about our products that we have answered on our website, FAQ page, brochures and email correspondences.

Here are a bunch more questions we’ve received recently. There are some questions with answers listed here:

We specialize in manufacturing and delivering custom whiteboards.

Our customers have many questions about our products that we have answered on our website, FAQ page, brochures and email correspondences.

Here are a bunch more questions we’ve received recently. There are some questions with answers listed here:

Whiteboard - The Ultimate FAQ Guide

1. How Do I Keep My Whiteboard From Staining?

It is possible to keep your white board from staining, but it takes a little bit of work.

Make sure you are using the right marker for your whiteboard. Some markers will stain more than others.

If you aren’t sure which markers you should use, ask the person who sold you your whiteboard. They will be able to tell you what works best. You could also ask help from LW,we would like to provide our all help for you.

Make sure that you clean your board after each use with a damp cloth and wipe it down with an oil-free cleaning product designed specifically for whiteboards.

This will help prevent the marker from staining the board over time.

If the marker does stain your board, don’t worry! You can usually get rid of the stain by rubbing a Q-tip soaked in rubbing alcohol over the stain.

Make sure to let it dry completely before writing on it again.

Figure 1 – Whiteboard Without Stain

Whiteboard Without Stain

2. How Many Whiteboards Can I Order?

You can order as many whiteboards as you want! You can even mix and match colors, if that’s what you’re feeling. It’s up to you.

If you have questions about ordering more than one dry erase board at a time, please contact us and we’d be happy to help!

3. Can I Use My Whiteboard At Home Or In The Office?

Yes! You can use your markerboard anywhere you want, whether at home or in the office. The board itself is lightweight, so it’s easy to move around if you need to go somewhere else.

It’s also magnetic, so if you want to hang it on a wall or door, you can.

Our whiteboard is designed to be used anywhere. It’s portable, easy to install and dismantle, and comes with an eraser that you can use to erase your drawings or notes.

Figure 2 – Whiteboard at Home and In the Office

Whiteboard at Home and In the Office

4. Why Should I Use A Whiteboard To Brainstorm Ideas?

Whiteboards allow you to iterate on your ideas quickly and easily, so you can get to the best possible outcome in less time.

They are also much more portable than dry erase boards, which means you can take them with you wherever you go—even on a plane!

Here are other reasons why you should:

– It’s a good way to get the whole team involved in the brainstorming process. 

– It allows everyone to see all the ideas and write things down, which helps with participation.

– It encourages collaboration and creativity by not restricting you to one medium of expression (i.e., typing).

– It’s easy to capture information from a white dry erase boards because it’s visible to everyone in the room at once—no need for individual computers or tablets!

Figure 3 – Whiteboard for Brainstorming

Whiteboard for Brainstorming

5. How Do I Clean My Whiteboard?

There are a few different ways to clean your dry erase whiteboard, depending on what you’re trying to remove from it.

If you need to get rid of a stain, we recommend using a little bit of water or Windex and rubbing it into the board with a soft cloth.

If you have ink that has gotten onto your marker board, try using some rubbing alcohol on a paper towel or cloth and rubbing it into the ink.

If you just want to give your whiteboard a good cleaning (and perhaps make it smell nice), we recommend using vinegar and water in equal parts, then wiping down with a damp sponge or cloth.

Figure 4 – Whiteboard Cleaned

Whiteboard Cleaned

6. What Are Some Of The Things I Can Use A Whiteboard For?

It’s no secret that whiteboards are a powerful tool for brainstorming and organizing information. But did you know that they can also help with the following?

Brainstorming: If you’re working on something new, whiteboards are great for creating flowcharts or mind maps to make sure your ideas are organized.

Meeting Notes: You can use a dry-erase marker to take notes on your white writing board during meetings and then erase them afterwards!

Creating A Project Timeline: You can use a dry erase board to write down tasks and dates on a whiteboard in order to create a project timeline.

Maker boards are particularly helpful if you want to see what needs to be done when, but don’t have time right then to set up an actual project management system (like Trello).

Figure 5 – Whiteboard For Various Activities

Whiteboard For Various Activities

7. What Is The Largest Size Of Whiteboard That Can Be Purchased?

We offer whiteboards in sizes from 3 feet to 10 feet. If you’re looking for something larger, we recommend contacting us first hand so we can give you a customized white erase board.

You won’t have to worry about your needs not being met because we are a custom fabricator that allows our products to have a different make than usual.

Figure 6 – Whiteboard Of Different Sizes

Whiteboard Of Different Sizes

8. How Do I Know That The Whiteboard Is Safe?

Our whiteboard is safe because it is made of a material that does not contain any harmful chemicals or toxins. It is also non-toxic and non-allergenic.

We use a special kind of paint that doesn’t contain harmful chemicals, so you can rest easy knowing that your modern whiteboard will be safe for your family and pets.

Figure 7 – Whiteboard Safe for Kids and Families

Whiteboard Safe for Kids and Families

9. What Kind Of Markers Should I Use With My Whiteboard?

The best kind of markers for your whiteboard is one that does not bleed through the erasable board.

Markers that bleed through will leave a mark on your wall and make it harder to erase.

If you’re using a dry-erase marker, be sure to use a dry-erase cleaner in order to remove any marks left behind by the marker.

10. Can I Hang My Whiteboard?

Yes, you can hang your whiteboard and stand. Just make sure the walls are strong enough to hold it and that you have the right materials for affixing it.

You may also want to consider using a mounting system that will allow you to move the erasable whiteboard around as necessary, since it can be difficult to find a good spot for it in every room of your house.

Figure 8 – Whiteboard Hung on Wall

Whiteboard Hung on Wall

11. Are The Whiteboards Scratch Resistant?

Yes, pen boards are very scratch resistant.

In fact, we’ve tested the whiteboards in our labs and can confirm that they are able to withstand extreme amounts of pressure and abrasion without scuffing or scratching.

It’s important to note that this is an inherent property of the material and not a coating, so you won’t have to worry about any degradation or wear over time.

Figure 9 – Scratch Resistant Whiteboard

Scratch Resistant Whiteboard

12. Can I Use Whiteboards Outside?

Yes, you can use whiteboards outside. They’re designed to withstand the elements, so they’ll stand up to rain, snow, wind, and more.

However, there are a few things you should keep in mind if you want your whiteboard to last.

First, make sure it’s not too exposed—if it’s in an area that gets a lot of sun or wind, it could fade or become chipped over time.

If you’re using a magnetic whiteboard for outdoor use (like for writing notes during an outdoor event), make sure the magnets are strong enough to hold up against natural forces like wind or rain.

Finally, be sure to protect your board with a cover when necessary!

Figure 10 – Whiteboard Used Outside

Whiteboard Used Outside

13. Is The Whiteboard Suitable For Use In A Classroom?

Yes, absolutely! The whiteboard is made from a material that can withstand the wear and tear of a classroom environment.

It’s also easy to clean—you can wipe it down with a damp cloth, or even use a mild soap and water solution to get rid of any stubborn stains.

Figure 11 – Whiteboard Used In Classrooms

Whiteboard Used In Classrooms

14. What Is The Difference Between A Whiteboard And A Blackboard?

There are many differences between a whiteboard and a blackboard.

Whiteboards have smooth, white surfaces that can be written on and erased using dry erasable pens, while blackboards have a dark, hard surface that may be written on and drawn on with chalk.

Blackboards are generally larger than whiteboards, but the size of both depends on the needs of the user.

Whiteboards are more durable than blackboards, as they do not need to be replaced or repaired as often as their blackboard counterparts.

They also tend to cost less than blackboards, making them more affordable for most businesses or organizations looking for new writing tools.

Figure 12 – Whiteboard And Blackboards

Whiteboard And Blackboards

15. Does A Whiteboard Have To Be White?

No, a whiteboard doesn’t have to be white – this is often a mistaken idea.

Whiteboards can be white or black, depending on what you want.

Figure 13 – Standard White Whiteboard

 Standard White Whiteboard

16. Why Are Whiteboards So Popular?

Whiteboards are so popular because they’re easy to use and inexpensive.

They have a low learning curve that makes them accessible to novices, but they also allow more experienced users to create complex drawings and diagrams.

They’re also great for collaboration, which is why many companies use them in their meeting rooms.

17. What Are The Benefits Of Using A Whiteboard?

There are many benefits to using a whiteboard.

Firstly, they’re easy to keep clean! You can just wipe them down with a damp cloth, or even just use soap and water if you’re in a pinch.

Another benefit is that whiteboards come in all shapes and sizes, so there’s sure to be one that fits your needs. They also come in many colors, so you can find one that matches your classroom decor or personal style.

And finally, whiteboards are great for brainstorming and planning things out—they help keep everything organized!

Figure 14 – Whiteboard From LW

Whiteboard From LW

18. Do You Need To Erase A Whiteboard After Every Use?

No, you don’t need to erase a whiteboard after every use. However, if you’re using it for an extended period of time (like an entire semester or year), we recommend that you do.

If you don’t erase a whiteboard after every use, the dry-erase marker ink can build up on the surface of the board and become difficult to clean off. This can lead to stains that are difficult to remove and may damage your board in the long run. 

Figure 15 – Whiteboard Erased

Whiteboard Erased

19. How Does A Whiteboard Work?

The whiteboard works by having its surface covered in an ink that’s been infused with particles of chalk.

When you write on the board, the particles rub off onto your writing instrument, leaving behind only ink (no chalk).

When you erase the board, those particles are removed from the ink, so it appears as though nothing was there at all.

Figure 16 – Whiteboard


20. How Are Whiteboards Used In Offices?

Whiteboards can be used in offices in a variety of ways. Some offices prefer to use whiteboards as a way to visually organize their work and keep track of deadlines.

In most cases, this involves writing down all tasks that need to be completed on a whiteboard and then updating it regularly as the tasks are completed.

Whiteboards can also help to foster creativity in an office environment.

Many companies will allow employees to brainstorm ideas for projects or strategies for growth on a whiteboard, which encourages collaboration between team members.

Figure 17 – Whiteboard Used In Office

Whiteboard Used In Office

21. How Much Space Do I Need For My Whiteboard?

Whiteboards are a great way to keep track of things, but often times people don’t know how much space they need in order to fit their needs. Here is some information that will help you figure out how much space you want:

When buying a whiteboard, make sure it is appropriate for the room it will be in. Most standard whiteboards are 8 feet wide by 4 feet tall, but there are other sizes available as well.

If you want to buy a smaller board, make sure that it will fit where it is going before making the purchase!

Figure 18 – Large Whiteboard

 Large Whiteboard

22. What Happens If I Clean My Whiteboard Incorrectly?

If you clean your whiteboard incorrectly, it can cause permanent damage to the laminate surface. This can make it hard to erase and will shorten the life of the board.

You should always read the manufacturer’s instructions before cleaning your whiteboard, but generally speaking:

-Do not use abrasive cleaners or scouring pads on your whiteboard.

-Always use a soft cloth when cleaning your whiteboard, and never use water unless specified by the manufacturer.

-Use a dry cloth to wipe down any liquid that has been spilled on the board (e.g., coffee).

Figure 19 – Whiteboard Properly Maintained

Whiteboard Properly Maintained

23. How To Choose Which Whiteboard To Use?

To get started using a whiteboard, you need to know what kind of whiteboard you want.

Here’s a list of whiteboards that may be for you:

·         Student Whiteboard

·         Kids Whiteboard

·         Weekly Whiteboard

·         Double Sided Whiteboard

·         Framed Whiteboard

·         Meal Plan Whiteboard

·         Whiteboard Material

·         Cute Whiteboard

·         Grid Whiteboard

·         Adhesive Whiteboard

·         Sliding Whiteboard

·         Dry Erase Lap Board

·         Whiteboard Laptop

·         Soccer Whiteboard

·         Outdoor Whiteboard

·         Freestanding Whiteboard

·         Vertical Whiteboard

·         Flip over Whiteboard

·         Non-Magnetic Whiteboard

·         Thin Whiteboard

All of the aforementioned whiteboards are available here at LW’s website!

Once you’ve decided on the type of whiteboard you want, it’s time to pick out your color! Whiteboards come in tons of different colors, so find one that fits your decor.

If you have multiple people who will be using the board, make sure everyone likes the color (or can at least live with it).

Next, decide how big your whiteboard should be. Consider whether or not it will be used primarily by one person or many people.

If it’s being used by one person (like an executive), then a small dry erase board might be all they need—but if there are several people who need access to it at once (like in a classroom), then a larger magnetic board may be better suited for their needs.

Finally, consider where in your home or office space you’d like to place your new whiteboard.

24. Can I Get A Personalized Whiteboard From LW?

Absolutely! We can customize any whiteboard to fit your needs.

For example, if you’re looking for a whiteboard that has a specific color scheme or font, we can certainly accommodate that. Or maybe you need the whiteboard to fit in a tight space—no problem!

We’ll work with you every step of the way to ensure that your whiteboard is as functional as it is beautiful.

Figure 20 – Personalized Whiteboard

Personalized Whiteboard

25. How Much Does A Whiteboard Cost?

The cost of a whiteboard can vary greatly depending on the type you choose, where you buy it, and who you buy it from.

If you’re looking for a whiteboard that’s going to be used in an office or school setting, there are a few things to consider when deciding whether or not it’s worth the investment.

Please send all details of whiteboard to us, then LW could quote you in short time.

26. Why Should I Use A Whiteboard Instead Of A Blackboard For My Classroom?

Whiteboards are great for many reasons.

For example, they are easier to clean than blackboards, which means that you won’t have to worry about them getting dirty and having to repaint them every few weeks.

Whiteboards also don’t have any special requirements for upkeep or maintenance; you can wipe them down with a damp cloth or eraser whenever they get dirty.

Whiteboards are also a great way to keep your classroom organized and streamlined.

They allow you to write on one side, then flip the board over and write on the other side until you’re ready to erase it all at once with a special eraser.

This means that you can write up assignments and instructions for students without having to worry about wasting space by writing on both sides of paper!

Figure 21 –Whiteboard Used in Classrooms

Whiteboard Used in Classrooms

27. What Are The Acoustic Properties Of Whiteboards?

Whiteboards have a number of acoustic properties that make them well-suited for use in rooms where there are other people present.

The most important acoustic property of whiteboards is their high sound absorption coefficient, which means they absorb sound waves better than most other materials.

This can help to reduce the amount of echo and reverberation in the room, which can make you feel like you’re talking to yourself when you speak.

Another acoustic property that makes whiteboards good for use in collaborative environments is their low surface reflectivity.

This means that they don’t reflect light very well, so they’re not as bright as many other types of surfaces.

28. What Is The Recommended Size, Type, And Placement Of Whiteboards?

The size of the whiteboard depends on the number of people in your group, but it should be big enough to fit everyone and their papers.

You may want one that’s smaller if you’re just working on one thing or with a small group, but larger boards are typically better for groups because they allow people to write more at once and share ideas more easily.

The type of whiteboard can vary depending on what kind of work you’re doing with it: there are dry erase boards for brainstorming sessions and marker boards for more permanent writing.

If you need something more durable than a dry erase board—like if you’ll be writing on top of each other’s work—a marker board might be better for you.

Finally, placement is up to personal preference: some people like their whiteboards in front of them so they can see it while they work.

Others prefer theirs behind them so they don’t have to turn around too much while writing down ideas as they come to them.

Others put theirs somewhere in between those two options (for example: right next to their desks).