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In heat dissipation applications, our zipper fin heat sinks are employed.

They are better than conventional heat sinks at dissipating heat energy because they are capable of changing the direction of thermal energy during the process by taking advantage of the changes in airflow across the fins while moving.

High performance servers and rack mount servers benefit greatly from the use of zipper fin heat sinks for cooling.

They have a low profile, making them ideal for use in nearly any system or application.

They are available in several different configurations, allowing you to choose the most appropriate fin profile to match your unique cooling needs.

Zipper Fin Heat Sinks

Processor heat may be effectively dissipated using a zipper fin heat sink, which is a simple, efficient, and economical solution.

These fin arrays are attached using a gasket that fits into the standard CPU socket on modern motherboards, along with an ABS cover to provide a buffer between the fin array and the other components surrounding it. 

Some people have actually reported that this type of heat sink increases their overclocking ability due to its greater surface area and design.

Temperature is the number one enemy of your system’s performance. 

The more heat your components generate, the higher their operational temperature becomes and the less efficient they become. 

Dropping your CPU’s temperatures can increase efficiency, reduce fragility, stability and ultimately improve overall performance.

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LW: China’s Best Manufacturer of Zipper Fin Heat Sinks

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Zipper Fin Heat Sink has been the preferred heat sink for over 30 years and we have been experts since we started manufacturing. Z-Fins' superior efficiency and reliability have made them the first choice in heat sinks for military, industrial and commercial applications. Our heat sinks are manufactured using high-quality materials that are built to withstand demanding conditions.

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Zipper Fin Heat Sinks have been the industry leader for more than 30 years. We offer the highest quality products at the lowest prices. Our customer service team is available to help you find the best solution for your needs. With over 100 years of experience, you can trust us to deliver a reliable product on time and on budget.

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They are employed in many sectors because of their small size and high thermal performance. We are considered a zipper fin heat sink manufacturer because we design, manufacture, and assemble these heat sinks in our facility by experienced engineers

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As a zipper fin heat sinks manufacturer, we know how to design and manufacture zipper fin heat sinks that meet customers' high demand. Being able to control the quality, we are able to provide our clients with zipper fin heat sinks at competitive prices. What's more, being a professional zipper fin heat sinks manufacturer in China, we can also offer OEM service.

Why You Should Be Using Zipper Fin Heat Sinks

Improved Thermal Performance

Zipper fin heat sinks are finned heat sinks with zippers. Zipper fins improve the thermal performance of a standard-sized FinFET by 30%. The zipper pattern of intermeshed blades enhances both air circulation and heat dissipation. By using zipper fin heat sinks, you can improve thermal performance while using smaller fans, or keeping your fan speeds lower to avoid acoustic interference.

Heat Dissipation Excellence

Zipper fin heat sinks are commonly used in high performance computing, aerospace and military applications that require cooling of high power or high reliability semiconductor chips. They are made with a very thin profile compared to other conventional cooling methods, which reduces the size of the device. The zipper fin structure provides an enormous surface area for heat dissipation while maintaining a small form factor. The zipper fin design is constructed using standard manufacturing techniques, making these structures compatible with widely available technologies.

Common Zipper Fin Heat Sinks Applications

Zipper Fin Heat Sinks for CPUs
Zipper Fin Heat Sinks for Aerospace
Cooling and Refrigeration

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Zipper fin heat sinks are a technically sound solution to problems associated with thermal management.

Zipper Fin Heat Sinks are available in a variety of sizes and shapes to accommodate varying thermal requirements

They are compact, lightweight, and easy to integrate into fluidic systems. They offer a variety of sizes and shapes to meet different heat transfer requirements.

We are the best zipper fin heat sink as we manufacture a wide range of heat sinks. We carry out designing, manufacturing and machining all under one roof.

We have skilled craftsmen, cutting-edge technology and after sales service.We are your zipper fin heat sinks manufacturer because we can provide you with the best quality, fast delivery and high efficiency.

Our products have been sold to many countries and regions around the world, such as Europe, South America, Southeast Asia and so on.