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With years of experience and a team of high-quality staff, we have been serving our valuable clients with premium-quality products, with a good reputation in the market having competitive prices with fast servicing and high expectancy products.

We deal with all the kinds and varieties of aluminum angle bracket products that are being made to carry out the task required for your job or work. In our list of huge quantities of aluminum products, the aluminum angle bracket is one of them.

The aluminum angle bracket is an L -shaped brace that is used to join parts together generally at a 90-degree angle. Our aluminum angle bracket is durable, reliable, and a perfect choice for joining your furniture as it can carry the maximum load without getting any jerking.

All of these qualities of the aluminum angle mounting bracket make it a premium choice. It is used in furniture, industrial and commercial places.

Due to its many uses there are huge varieties available or we can also make customized aluminum angle brackets in different sizes and kinds if required for special projects, several aluminum series are used to make the aluminum angle bracket.

Categories of Aluminium angle brackets

90 degree aluminum angle bracket

90-degree aluminium angle brackets

The 90-degree aluminum angle bracket is a single-sided bracket made up of aluminum metal perfectly powder coated, brushed, and painted. It is suitable for electronic appliances, automobiles, and industrial equipment.

Heavy duty Aluminium angle brackets

The heavy-duty aluminum angle bracket with a flat uniform 6-burr free holes for mounting is designed to help you to mount on shelves, top-to-bottom frames, or any other projects. Aluminum angle bracket is manufactured by freshly cut aluminum metal plated with zinc to make it environmentally free.

Heavy duty aluminum angle bracket
T slot corner aluminum angle bracket

T slot angle bracket

The t slot angle bracket is with 2 holes inside the corner bracket that engages the 2-degree drop lock feature required to tighten the assembly bolt. It is a repositioned and reusable method.

Adjustable Aluminium angle brackets

The adjustable aluminum angle bracket is both single-sided or triangle shaped. It is made up of aluminum 6061-T6, 5052, 7075, and other series. It is suitable for construction purposes.

Adjustable aluminum angle bracket


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Advantages of Aluminium angle brackets

Fine-looking finish

An aluminum angle bracket is finely finished both chemically and mechanically giving it a perfect shining and smooth look. Other coatings such as powder coating and paints can also be applied.


Aluminum metal of aluminum angle bracket is harmless, odorless, tasteless, non-sparking, and non-magnetic. All of these qualities make it a premium choice and sustainable for different kinds of environments.


Ductility is another advantage of the aluminum angle bracket. The ductile property of aluminum metal allows the aluminum metal to be formed close to the end of the product design.

Provide support

One of the major advantages of aluminum angle mounting brackets is that they are designed in such a way that they provide support, in addition, to support they are used to maintain the position of parts.


The aluminum angle bracket is recyclable, it doesn’t cause any harm to the environment, and it is easy to use again.

Get your supportive Angle Bracket aluminum at the most reasonable price

  • Reasonable prices

All the angle bracket aluminum products are of the best quality available at reasonable prices. You can shop now the aluminum angle mounting bracket of your choice at the most affordable prices.

  • Different varieties

All kinds and sizes of aluminium angle brackets are available on our website. There is a diversity of color, sizes, and designs. You can get multiple colors like silver, white, golden, and many more of aluminum angle bracket according to your demand.

  • Customization

To help you to décor your house or in construction and furniture making, aluminum angle bracket is the best choice. We also make customized brackets according to the demand and criteria required by our clients.

Applications of Aluminium Angle Brackets

Aluminum angle bracket in mounting bracket
Mounting bracket
Aluminum angle bracket in solar panel
Solar panel
Aluminum angle bracket in home appliances_
Home appliances

LW Manufacturer- A name that satisfies your needs

 LW Manufacturer has always been the best metal supplier that provides the top-most aluminum extrusion angle bracket products to our customer’s at the most reasonable prices with excellent shipping services. 

You can get the aluminum angle mounting bracket of high quality that provide additional strength and support to your furniture.

Aluminum angle bracket can be used for mounting purposes, hanging on walls or shelves. Suitable for commercial and industrial uses.

It is also used in automobile and aerospace parts. It comes in various kinds and sizes. Aluminum angle bracket also has a wide application in the construction, architecture, and automobile industry.

Due to its wider application, aluminum angle bracket is ready-made available and you can also customize it according to the need of your project. 

For order or query, do contact us as we are always there to assist you.