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With a wide scope of aluminum products for a wide range of customers, LW has been your ideal accomplice for large aluminum heat sinks for 15 years. 

To fulfill your continually evolving needs, we can offer customer-specific assistance and specialized help that covers all regions from item plan to large scale manufacturing. 

We stand one next to the other with you at each progression: examination, plan, creation, and gathering. Regardless of whether through testing or on location support, we are prepared to confront the difficulties with you.

Our heat sinks are developed with one-of-a-kind shapes and sizes to match your needs, serving as a crucial cooling component in electronics equipment alongside integrated circuits and other elements. 

We’ll help you locate the best solution for your equipment, whether it’s for large aluminum heat sinks or copper heat sinks.

We are one of the leading manufacturers in China, providing you with high-quality products at the most competitive prices. If you have any questions about our products, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Large Aluminum Heat Sink Types

Large Aluminum Heat Sink Forged
Forged Large Aluminum Heat Sink
Stamped Large Aluminum Heat Sink
Stamped Large Aluminum Heat Sink
Skived Large Aluminum Heat Sink
Skived Large Aluminum Heat Sink
Bonded Large Aluminum Heat Sink
Bonded Large Aluminum Heat Sink
Extruded Large Aluminum Heat Sink
Die Cast Large Aluminum Heat Sink
CNC Machined Large Aluminum Heat Sink
Pin Finned Large Aluminum Heat Sink


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Reasons of Why Large Aluminum Heat Sinks Are Superior Components

Guaranteed Cost Effectivity

Our large aluminum heat sinks are customized and tailored fit to meet all of your demands and specification. Outsourcing this work ensures that you will receive the highest-quality huge aluminum heat sinks that are entirely customized to the specifications of your application while also being cost-effective due to their remarkable durability.

15 Years of Being an Aluminum Manufacturer

LW is your ideal partner for large metal heat sinks, with over 15 years of experience in the large aluminum heat sink industry and tens of thousands of heat sinks shipped to multiple clients. Our excellent customer service, inventory systems, and extensive product line allow us to provide quick delivery to local and global markets.

Excellent Thermal Conductivity

Large aluminum heat sinks regulate temperature adequately on its own, but when combined with LW's production solutions and high-quality aluminum, you obtain durable and efficient large aluminum heat sinks!

Well-Trained Staff

We take pleasure in having the total solution for your manufacturing needs, with highly qualified workers, factory-trained technicians and supervisors, and an experienced management team. Stick with LW, a reliable partner in large aluminum heat sink manufacturing.

Large Aluminum Heat Sink

Wholesale Large Aluminum Heat Sink

It’s a well-known fact in the business community that LW prioritizes its clients and understands that there’s no replacement for doing all it takes to meet their requirements. 

No Order Is Too Big or Too Small

There’s no reason to lose your calm and abandon your idea if you’re planning a somewhat large production order! You don’t have to worry about a tiny supplier going cold, nor do you have to worry about spreadsheets going south and finances missing if you work with LW. Because of our bespoke sink design, affordable cost, and quick turnaround time, we are the ideal partner for your large aluminum heat sink production.

Robust Standards

It’s important that you possess nothing but robust products! It’s important that your large heat sinks are built with stellar detail and nothing but the best.

Large Aluminum Heat Sink Applications

Large Aluminum Heat Sink for Computers
Large Aluminum Heat Sink for Refrigerators
Washing Machines
Large Aluminum Heat Sink for Coolers
Large Aluminum Heat Sink for Printerse
Electric Fans
Large Aluminum Heat Sink for Airconditioning
Airconditioning Units
Large Aluminum Heat Sink for Motherboards

LW: Your Expert Hand-in-Hand Large Aluminum Heat Sink Manufacturer

Working to make large aluminum heat sinks is something that we at LW understand takes time and a lot of effort. 

With our industry knowledge, you can be confident that we will successfully respond to your expectations and provide high-quality products. 

With so many companies and individuals to pick from, choosing the right partnership for your large aluminum heat sinks can have serious consequences—the wrong partner might result in wasted time, empty pockets, and no results.

As a company, we realize the value of working with a supplier who can complete your project on time and create high-quality items at a fair cost.

We provide thermal design experience, manufacturing capabilities in China and a staff of trained engineers on call 24/7 to ensure that you get what you need.

Whether you’re producing personal computers, graphics cards, or other devices that require cooling, LW with its large aluminum heat sinks will assist you in delivering something outstanding!

Our large aluminum heat sink is a stylish alternative to the bulky, conventional heat sinks already on the market! Our heat sink absorbs heat while being lightweight and simple to use. It’s built of high-quality aluminum, which allows for a large surface area to weight ratio.

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