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LW Aluminum J Channel -Your First Preference:

LW aluminum J-channels have experts that are able to work with you in order to come up with the item you merely have been looking for. We are leading in this field especially when it comes to j channel extrusions. Our items are the result of state of the art machines that gives both quality and effectiveness.

We design all-weather J channel, try to make them adorable and also manufacture in such a way that they can match with existing siding on a house.

We offer to plan and custom J channels for interesting applications or for building ventures where the estimations are not ordinary of standard materials.

We cut to length, drill and shape or twist any extrusion to specifications. Our J channel work flawlessly for surrounding mirrors or for building store installations. It can also work as basic edge.

LW aluminum J channel is made up of 6000,7075 etc series under temper of T3-T8 in diversity of shapes like flat, round, angle, square, customized etc  in different sizes and thickness with different finishing processes such as polishing, silver plating, powder coating etc.

We provide only elevated quality j channel. Every order is skillfully pressed and dispatched to anywhere.

LW Aluminum J Channel Product Classification:

1_8 Aluminum J Channel
1/8 Aluminum J channel

1/8 J channel is utilized for twofold quality reflect or for lean covers. Our every stock length is poly wrapped  to secure it against scratching. 

5/16 Standard Aluminum J Channel

Standard aluminum 5/16 J channel permit for uneven wall surfaces. It gives additional room for application of light bodied reflected mastics or foam mirror mounting tapes.

1/2 Aluminum J Channel

It is an extrusion especially map out for 7/16 to ½ inch thick materials.

Deep nose Aluminum J Channel
Deep Nose Aluminum J Channel

 It is normally utilized at the top of mirror fitting, finishes combined to meet minimum quantity.

3_16 Aluminum J Channel
3/16 Aluminum J channel

 1/4 J channel back leg is punched and opened for simpler establishment. It is generally used at the bottom of the mirror.

1_4 Standard Aluminum J Channel
1/4 Standard Aluminum J channel

 1/4 J channel back leg is punched and opened for simpler establishment. It is generally used at the bottom of the mirror.

1/4 Aluminum Standard bottom J channel

It is made up of 6000 series generally used with top j channel.

1_4 Standard Aluminum Top J Channel
1/4 Aluminum Standard Top J channel

Also known as architectural channel 12 stock lengths available in anodized, polished, powder coating etc finishes.

3/8 Aluminum J channel

3/8 aluminum J channel gives space behind the mirror for taps of overwhelming bodied reflect mastic.

FHA Aluminum J Channel
FHA Aluminum J channel

FHA aluminum j channel grasp the mirror an 3 millimeter from the divider and raised girder at the foot of the channel avert dampness from being caught within the channel thus prevent harm to the silver mirror support.


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Pros of LW Aluminum J Channel:

Siding process

Aluminum J channel play an important role in joining siding end pieces in such a way that they don’t seem sloppy. They make siding process complete available in customized sizes and dimensions.

Energy efficient

It acts as an airtight barrier so beneficent for enclosing garages, attics etc. J channel is also a good weather resistant so it doesn’t corrode easily and remain long lasting.

Simple to install

LW J channel is easy to install as it requires minimal devices and less labor thus also allow you to do saving.

Light in weight

It is light in weight merely less than one-third of steel. The light-weightiness of J channel made it extremely utilitarian without any decrease in its reliability and permanence.


Due to its strength and flexibility it can be fabricated in variety of shapes and various uses.

Aluminum J Channel

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LW globally acknowledged most trusted company from past few years.

We offer you predominant quality J channels with competitive cost and guarantee stacking report after each shipment.

Our professionals ready to help you with engineering and creating custom sized aluminum J channels to meet your specifications.

We offer one stop-design and on-time shipment. Our J channel provides you with appealing structural edging that meet your aesthetic needs.

Feel free to contact us for more information!

Applications of Aluminum J Channel

Aluminum J channel for Framing
Aluminum J Channel for Track
Aluminum J Channel for Railing
Aluminum J channel for Sloppy Corners
Sloppy Corners
Aluminum J Channel for Vinyl Siding
Vinyl Siding
Aluminum J Channel for Rim
Aluminum J Channel mirror
Aluminum J channel for Soffit
Aluminum J Channel for Window
Aluminum J Channel for Door
Aluminum J Channel For Architecture
Aluminum J Channel for Construction

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