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LW provides the best aluminum products by manufacturing and supplying them on time to its customers. LW’s aluminum beach Chairs are one of the examples of their best manufacturing solutions.

Through the solid and heavy-duty beach Chairs, LW allows its customer to enjoy the summer day all day long. These chairs can be custom-made as per your requirements. 

The weight, budget, and all their requirements perfectly fit the LW’s aluminum beach Chairs. You have come to the right place if you look for padded back support, salt water-resistant material, and a foldable, reclining, functional aluminum beach Chairs.

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Product Categories

Classifications Of Aluminum Beach Chairs From LW

There are different products of aluminum beach Chairs for you to decide from a wide variety. From the following products, choose your required aluminum beach Chairs:

High Seat Aluminum Beach Chair
High Seat Aluminum Beach Chairs

This aluminum Chairs is strong enough to hold up to 500 lbs. The large spaced owns four reclining positions. In general, the height of high seat beach Chairs is about 16 inches. It can easily be folded (37L x 32W x 8.3H inches)

Layflat Aluminum Beach Chair
Layflat Aluminum Beach Chairs

The lay-flat Chairs have five unique positions. It is excellent for your comfort level with durable fabric. Two foldable compartments are there for storage. A flexible cushion provides ease to the shoulders. Item dimensions 25L x 16W x 33H inches. The item weighed 8 pounds. LW can customize colors. 

Canopy Aluminum Beach Chairs
Canopy Aluminum Beach Chairs

Canopy aluminum beach Chairs could offer four reclining positions. Its three adjustable canopies are effective while providing sun protection for you. This canopy beach Chairs is rust-resistant, weighing 7.5lbs. and has 250 lbs weight capacity. Storage pouch available. Seat dimensions 20W x 15.5 deep (inches).

4.Backpack Aluminum Beach Chairs
Backpack Aluminum Beach Chairs

This beach Chairs is uniquely designed and with enough storage space to keep your items easily. The foldable backpack style is comfortable with five reclining positions. It is a lightweight and easy-to-carry beach Chairs. Lay-flat and low seat item has 28.5L x 25W x 4.5H (inches) dimensions.

Large Aluminum Beach Chairs
Large Aluminum Beach Chairs

The two-layered rugged fabric of this oversized aluminum Chairs has a 600D polyester cover. This heavy-duty item can hold weight up to 500 lbs. product weighs 16 lbs. It has four reclining positions. Make yourself comfortable using these oversized capacity Chairs.  

Beach Lounger Chaise

This aluminum beach Chairs can be used as a beach Chairs or lounge and has chaise features. With five reclining positions, this item is also a lay-flat Chairs that you can easily fold. Separate cell pouch available. This product is lightweight, having a weight total of 11 lbs. 

Advantages of LW Aluminum Beach Chairs


LW provides durability at any cost. The fabric and the material used to make this product allow it to be as perfect as the customers need.

Provides Comfort Level

The exceptional comfort level of this item comes with different reclining positions. It allows you to make yourself accessible and relaxed during your trip time. 


LW offers custom-made products to the customers. If you have any other requirements, contact us as early as possible. 

LW Aluminum Beach Chairs Expert


There are many benefits of using and buying an LW aluminum beach Chairs. They are as follows:

Easy to carry 

This product is convenient in case of traveling and holding it to the beach. An aluminum beach Chairs will be your effortless travel partner. 

  • Color, shape, and size

The color, shape, and size of the Chairs can be custom-made.

Applications of Aluminum Beach Chairs

Aluminum Beach Chair for Personal Use
Personal Use
Aluminum Beach Chair for Picnics
Aluminum Beach Chair for Scenic Area Usage
Scenic Area Usage
Aluminum Beach Chair for Lounge

Custom Aluminum Beach Chairs manufacturer

Being the expert in aluminum products manufacturing and supplying, LW takes pride in serving its customers. Our main aim is to experiment with the modern needs and fulfill them as per the demand and requirements of the customers.

The aluminum beach Chairs is the modern era product demand. Therefore, LW provides the products mentioned above variety, and any requirement from the customer is welcomed too.

These comfortable and sturdy constructed aluminum beach Chairs are designed with what a customer might need. You can easily carry the reclining function, backpack, foldable, lay-flat beach Chairs to any place you wish. 

The cups, cans, and drinks holder allows it to add grace to the product. The canopy-styled aluminum beach is there to protect you from sun damage. 

To place your order, feel free to discuss your idea. Contact our customer support for more information!

Foldable And Lightweight Aluminum Beach Chairs Manufacturer and Supplier in China

Are you searching for some amazing beach chairs for your client’s hut at the beach?

Do you wish to have the Aluminum Beach Chairs in bulk?

Well, you should then follow this FAQ guide for sure, as it holds all the information about Aluminum Beach Chairs that may be of use for you.

Aluminum Beach Chairs - The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Does Aluminum Beach Chairs Rust?

In the usual situations, aluminum is a rust-free metal and hence many people invest in it for this very quality it has been backed with it.

However, as the beaches are more prone to moisture as compared to the other areas some parts of your Aluminum Beach Chairs may rust. The chair won’t completely rust but it will have certain areas rusted.

Do Aluminum Chairs Rust

 Do Aluminum Chairs Rust?

How To Keep An Aluminum Beach Chairs In Good/Perfect Condition?

In order to keep your Aluminum Beach Chairs in a perfect condition the most important thing is to keep them dry. It is the moisture that will make their condition go bad.

You can also apply a clear coat on your Aluminum Beach Chairs so that they stay rust free. Make sure that you have to keep moisture away from them and the drier they stay the perfect they will be.

What Is The Difference Between An Aluminum Beach Chairs And Aluminum Lawn Chair?

Aluminum Beach Chairs and aluminum lawn chairs differ in terms of height. An Aluminum Beach Chairs is capable of being reclined from the ground.

However, an aluminum lawn chair is of normal height and may not be reclined when needed.

Aluminum Beach Chair Vs Aluminum Lawn Chair

Aluminum Beach Chairs Vs Aluminum Lawn Chair

How Much Is An Aluminum Beach Chairs For?

The price of an Aluminum Beach Chairs may vary between $15 to $30.

Where Can I Buy an Aluminum Beach Chairs?

China holds the best market for the Aluminum Beach Chairs to be bought in bulk. These Aluminum Beach Chairs are distributed globally by China.

LW offers you with a variety of beach chairs to be chosen from, the website holds the images and details of the available Aluminum Beach Chairs and one may easily order and have a look at the variety on the website.

Does an Aluminum Beach Chairs Scratch Easily?

Since aluminum is a very durable material, it is very difficult for it to scratch easily.

In addition, the beach chairs made in aluminum are even powder coated so it’s difficult to get scratched unless something is rubbed against it with force.

How To Remove Scratches From Aluminum Beach Chairs?

You can remove scratches from the Aluminum Beach Chairs easily using fine sandpaper.

Keep on rubbing it consistently until you get the smooth surface back again without scratches.

Does an Aluminum Beach Chairs Get Hot In the Sun?

Yes, it does if not secured with powder-coated finish. However, if the Aluminum Beach Chairs is coated with a powder finish it won’t get very hot and neither would absorb heat.

Therefore, it gets back to normal as soon as the sun goes down. Attaching an umbrella over a beach chair could protect it from the heat of the sun.

Does Aluminum Beach Chair Gets Hot in Sun

Does an Aluminum Chair Get Hot in the Sun?

Can Aluminum Beach Chairs Be Painted?

Yes, if you wish to add a touch of refinishing to the Aluminum Beach Chairs you can paint it. However, make sure to first rub it with sandpaper and prime the surface so that the paint may stick to the beach chair properly.

In order to paint an Aluminum Beach Chairs use either spray paint or powder-coated paint as both of these are very much suitable and offer good results.

How Can An Aluminum Beach Chairs Be Measured?

Measurement of an Aluminum Beach Chairs may be done using the below suggested steps:

  • To measure the height you need to measure it starting from the ground to the top of the back of the beach chair.
  • To measure the depth or the length of the Aluminum Beach Chairsyou should start measuring from the front till the back.
  • You can measure the width starting from one side to the other side from the front area.

Measuring Aluminum Beach Chairs

Measuring Aluminum Beach Chairs

How To Choose The Best Aluminum Beach Chairs?

In order to choose the best Aluminum Beach Chairs you must look into these tips suggested below:

  • The Aluminum Beach Chairsmust have a canopy that would be suitable for a sunny day at the beach and will also protect the chair from getting hot.
  • An Aluminum Beach Chairsmust have multiple reclining positions. This will allow the user to easily adjust with comfort.
  • A good Aluminum Beach Chairsmust have a cup holder too, so that one may enjoy a cup of tea or coffee while spending time at the beach.
  • The best Aluminum Beach Chairs should also be light in weight so that relocating it is easier.

Are Aluminum Beach Chairs Comfortable?

Yes, Aluminum Beach Chairs are as comfortable as any other material based beach chair would be. Aluminum Beach Chairs have all such features like reclining positions, cup holders and even back cushions like other beach chairs.

You can always add a touch of comfort into your Aluminum Beach Chairs without any hassle by adding cushions and reclining it as you please.

Are Aluminum Beach Chairs Comfortbale

Are Aluminum Beach Chairs Comfortable?

How Long Will Aluminum Beach Chairs Last?

Aluminum Beach Chairs would last much longer. Aluminum is a very durable material and even in the sun, it doesn’t get damaged as such.

However, you should make sure to keep it dry as much as possible so that it doesn’t rust and apart from this you can apply a clear coat over it to keep it maintained.

Moreover, rust doesn’t even appear much early on Aluminum Beach Chairs. It takes years and years and if you keep them maintained and clean, it would never appear.

On an average, an Aluminum Beach Chairs will last for about 20 to 25 years if taken care of properly and Aluminum Beach Chairs even don’t corrode or get mold or mildew that makes the furniture rot.

How Wide Is An Aluminum Beach Chairs?

A standard Aluminum Beach Chairs would range somewhere between 18 to 25 inches and this is pretty much a comfortable width for the one who rests over it.

Do All Aluminum Beach Chairs Have Umbrellas With Them?

Not all Aluminum Beach Chairs have umbrellas with them. However, every beach chair you buy may have an umbrella added to it.

There is always a room to install an umbrella with all the beach chairs and it depends upon the choice of the buyer to either have an umbrella or not.

However, adding an umbrella is always very beneficial as it keeps it protected from the sun and covered too.

Do Aluminum Beach Chairs Have Umbrella

Do Aluminum Beach Chairs Have Umbrellas?

Are Aluminum Beach Chairs Foldable?

Yes, Aluminum Beach Chairs are foldable. You can easily fold them when not in use, keep them at a successful place, and unfold them when needed.

Aluminum Beach Chairs are so light in weight that moving them and folding them is something very easy and convenient because you don’t have to drag heavy weights to fold them or move them.

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