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The Aluminum Flat Bracket is an economical, heavy-duty bracket created for mounting gearless drives.

It can be used in high vibration environments such as winches and machine tools, or to provide added bracing and support in severe service applications.

This aluminum flat bracket also has lightweight, low-friction pivoting hinges that make it easy to install on equipment.

Aluminum Flat Bracket is made from high-grade aluminum ensuring your crate will hold up to the toughest jobs.

By using these Aluminum Flat Brackets, you can properly distribute weight over a broader area and reduce vibration. Our aluminum flat bracket is resistant to corrosion and withstands high temperatures.

We specialize in supplying high-quality aluminum flat brackets to our customers. If you are uncertain about what type of bracket you should use, there are reasons why you should select our aluminum flat bracket for your particular application.

Aluminum Flat Bracket

Aluminum Flat Bracket is an excellent diversity of shape, size and material. It can be used for commercial or even residential purposes.

It gives a very classic design to the building. The bracket is easy to install, making it an ideal choice for anyone wishing to install aluminum flat brackets without damaging any part of the wall.

The Aluminum Flat Bracket is a durable construction that will hold your lights in place. The bracket is made of corrosion resistant aluminum, which ensures that it can withstand the outdoor elements.


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LW: Aluminum Flat Bracket Expert

Reduce your costs by choosing us.

The majority of our aluminum flat bracket customers have been able to reduce their overall costs from 15% to 50% by outsourcing their parts to us. One reason for this is that we manufacture our own aluminum in house, so we can deliver high quality parts at competitive prices. It also ensures we can meet the very tight deadlines required on many projects and still deliver products that are absolutely perfect!

A full membrane manufacturing facility.

Our aluminum flat bracket is more than just a metal part. We’re a full membrane manufacturing facility that can produce aluminum parts and assemble them into an aluminum flat bracket with the same level of precision as any other aspect of our operation – from drilling holes to forming corners, we can craft your aluminum flat bracket exactly how it should be made.

Highly specialized and experienced supplier.

We are a highly specialized, experienced and professional supplier with an excellent reputation for the supply of quality aluminum flat brackets. We are always looking to bring the best products. We believe in creating quality and value-added products by continuously improving manufacturing processes and technology

Professional manufacturer with ISO and CE certifications.

LW is professional in manufacturing Aluminum Flat Bracket with ISO and CE certifications. Our team of experienced engineers are on hand to offer support from layout through production, guaranteeing quality, flexibility and an efficient service.

Why You Should Utilize Aluminum Flat Bracket

Easy and affordable way to add custom decor.

Aluminum Flat Brackets are an easy and affordable way to add custom decor to your walls. These brackets are made from aluminum, giving them a sleek metallic look that will add both style and functionality. With minimal assembly required, our aluminum flat bracket comes with a simple screw-in mounting system that makes it easy to install without any drilling or hammering.

Great option for attaching aluminum profiles to your walls and ceilings.

Aluminum flat brackets from LW are a great option for attaching aluminum profiles to your walls and ceilings. These aluminum flat brackets allow you to cut the aluminum profile after it’s been secured, allowing you to make overall length adjustments or switch the pattern around if you need to. Aluminum flat brackets can be used in conjunction with many different types of materials, such as PVC and cement.

Common Aluminum Flat Bracket Applications

Aluminum Flat Bracket for Decorations
Aluminum Flat Bracket for Portraits

LW: Aluminum Flat Bracket Expert

Aluminum Flat Brackets are used on large or small projects, both indoors and outdoors. They’re extremely versatile and able to support heavy loads with ease. They’re also easy to install, which means they save you money on labor costs.

Our Aluminum Flat Bracket is designed to provide support to a flat surface. This bracket is constructed from aluminum, which makes it resistant to corrosion and rust caused by water, salt, or other chemicals.

These brackets also have high tensile strength to support heavy loads and feature a double-sided beveled edge that helps secure the bracket in place.

Aluminum Flat Brackets are an important part of any home or office building. They support aluminum channels and provide a flat surface for the attachment of various components.

Aluminum flat brackets are available in many different shapes, sizes and materials so that they can be custom built to fit your project perfectly.

They are used to hold up the framework or walls of buildings or even furniture parts like shelves. If you need to add something new to your home then these brackets will definitely come in handy!

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