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LW Aluminum Frame Mountain Bike Your First Preference

LW has made its name and get reorganization in aluminum frame mountain bike manufacturing. We have put our expertise in this field and made such frames that are reliable and compatible for your existing structure. 

We have attained international quality certificates and earn great reputation so you can rely on us while choosing aluminum mountain bike frames. 

Our team is highly experienced in making fames and R&D. Beside this we ensure quality and delivery on time plus give warranty of up to two years. Further we also entertain ODM and OEM orders. 

You can choose the design and style of aluminum frame mountain bike of your need or can contact with us to develop your customized patterns. 

So, contact us now without any hesitation for further details or place your order immediately in order to avail our best deals.

LW Aluminum Frame Mountain Bike related-products

Hardtail Aluminum Frame Mountain Bike

LW is providing you Hardtail aluminum frame mountain bikes that are lighter with no rear suspension, sturdy, have long life span and are reliable. It will enhance the speed of your bike and very helpful in racing.

Suspension Aluminum frame Mountain Bike
Suspension Aluminum frame Mountain Bike

That frame will definitely insulate you from roughness of road and suitable for climbing purposes. Suspension aluminum frame mountain bikes are featured with shock absorbers that give it a plus point on bumpy road. It has the big hit ability.

Race hardtail Aluminum Frame Mountain Bike
Race hardtail Aluminum Frame Mountain Bike

They are most suitable for long races like marathons ones. It will provide your bikes with such quality that very easily you can be positioned in such a way on the bike that bought you victory in the competition.

4X Hardtail Aluminum Frame Mountain Bike

LW 4X aluminum frame mountain bikes are designed on demand for street ridding that are dirty and sandy, for jumping and most importantly for four cross racing. They provide you easy of paddling, light weight so performs well in jumping.

Trail Aluminum frame Mountain Bike
Trail Aluminum frame Mountain Bike

 They have up to 120 to 160mm range having wider and rougher tires that are good for grip.  Its tires can adjust between toughness, footing and rolling effectiveness.

Enduro Aluminum Frame Mountain Bike

That one frame having suspension level of about 160 to 180 mm. It is best for descending purposes like coming down from a hill station.


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Benefits of LW Aluminum Frame Mountain Bike

Inexpensive Choice

Aluminum Frame Mountain bikes are the most suitable one as they are durable don’t corrode easily, weather resistance so you can take a ride in dumpy season without any fear. It definitely saves your money to be spend on maintenance due to its stubbornness.


Due to its weightless nature racers prefer them and thus got superiority over steel. You don’t need to put extra efforts while driving it and thus consume your less energy. So, it has the honor of being most weightless bike.


Our aluminum frame mountain bikes are stiffer than other frames. Its stiffness gives you great speed and stability especially during climbing and sprinting. Moreover, it can easily bear any blow or shock.


It has the least chance of getting fail so safe for race course, hilly areas or bumpy, dumpy streets. So, you can use your aluminum frame mountain bike to load it with burden or can go on a long tour on it. It will definitely support you.

LW High Quality Aluminum Frame Mountain Bike Profile

  • Alloy:

We mostly use 6061 and 7005 aluminum alloys in the construction of mountain bike frames and they are also butted. Mostly our customers prefer 6061 you can get your desire one. 

  • Hydroforming:

LW also provide the service of hydroforming that can upgrade your aluminum frame mountain bike. In this way shape it for providing more comfort and ease, aerodynamics and rigidity. 

  • Frame Weight:

Aluminum frame mountain bikes weighed around 30 lbs with density of 2.3 g/cm^3.  It ranges from 26-28 lbs to 35 lbs.

Applications of LW Aluminum Frame Mountain Bike

Aluminum Frame Mountain Bike for Beach racing
Beach Racing
Aluminum Frame Mountain Bike for Mountain trail
Mountain trails
Single track
Aluminum Frame Mountain Bike for Freestyle Motocross
Free style motocross
Aluminum Frame Mountain Bike for Dirt bike racing
Dirt bike racing

LW- Trusted & well-organized Aluminum Frame Mountain Bike Manufacturing Company

LW is not only the professional manufacturer of frames but also best in innovation and designing of aluminum frame mountain bikes and successfully marketing all over the world in this field from over fifteen years. 

We regard and try to facilitate our customers. You can contact us and get your desired and customized designs now that will also suit your existing structure or model.

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