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LW Aluminum Pallet Manufacturers and Suppliers Worldwide

LW manufactures strong and durable Aluminum Pallets for you. It is one of the leading aluminum production companies in China that deal with local as well as international customers. We have separate team for every department to provide quality and on time service to our customers. 

Our R&D department works hard to manufacture different designs of Aluminum Pallet. This helps our customers get the right product for any application. We maintain the quality of our products through proper monitoring during manufacturing and before delivery.

Our aluminum pallets are strong enough to carry heavy products. Aluminum being strong and weather resistant makes them last longer so you do not have to worry about their maintenance. They are easy to clean, recyclable, lightweight and are the best option to carry heavy weight around. 

We provide best customer service to our customers. Our team is available for our client 24/7 without any difficulty. We instantly communicate with our customers and answer their queries in best way possible. Our fast shipment service is loved by our customers. 

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Classification of Aluminum Pallet

1. Two-way entry Aluminum Pallet

Two-way Entry Aluminum Pallet

This type of aluminum pallet have two way entry meaning the lift truck can lift the pallet from two sides or can enter the pallet from two sides only. It has two openings in top and in bottom thus called two way entry.

Four-way Entry Aluminum Pallet

The four-way entry aluminum pallet have entry slots from all sides. They are more durable and strong so are used for heavier work. They are bigger in size and are heavier than the two-way entry aluminum pallet. 

Four-way entry aluminum pallet


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Advantages of LW Aluminum Pallet

Washable and Easy to Clean

The LW aluminum pallet is made of good quality aluminum that can be washed with water without causing any damage. The open spaces in the pallet can also help in easy cleaning. This helps in reusing the pallet for longer.

Transporting Heavy Items

The LW aluminum pallet is strong enough to carry heavy items. It is made of strong and lightweight aluminum that makes it durable and helps in transporting items. They are largely used in food and chemical industries for transporting various items.


LW Aluminum Pallets are made of aluminum which makes them anticorrosive. This property makes them a good choice for food industries and pharmaceutical industries. The food and drug containers are placed over them without having the risk of corrosion. This also helps in thorough cleaning of aluminum pallets as the water won’t corrode them.


LW Aluminum Pallets are fireproof making them a good choice for industrial warehouses. This property can also help the products safe from fire or any other damage. It can also work ideally in high temperatures.

The Customizable LW Aluminum Pallets

LW works day and night and provides all the need of the customers under one roof. We manufacture aluminum pallet according to your specifications to help you with getting the right product. We have many customization and fabrication services available for you. 

Our team can fabricate aluminum pallets on your demand. We can serve you with welding, deep processing, cutting, bending, anodizing, powder coating and various other advanced techniques. You can choose from our extensive range of technologies.

We also manufacture our Aluminum pallet according to your specifications. You can get them in any size having a good racking capacity. We also have some standard size aluminum pallets available for your ease.

Applications of Aluminum Pallet

Food industry
Aluminum Pallet for Pharmaceutical Industry
Pharmaceutical industry

LW Supplies Lightweight and Durable Aluminum Pallets

LW is an aluminum supplier company that deals with lightweight and durable aluminum pallet production and supply.

We are working as an aluminum merchandise for more than 15 years. We have excellent customer care service that keeps in touch with our customers 24/7 clearing all their doubts about the interested product. 

We have an expert team that manufactures aluminum pallet with good quality aluminum in various designs and sizes.

We have the best quality control team that ensures the quality of our product. Our company is certified with ISO making us an authentic international aluminum supplier. 

We have all the services available at our company under one roof. We provide customization and fabrication services on your demand.

Our aluminum pallets are strong and lightweight making them the good choice for any heavy duty application.

LW aluminum pallets are corrosion free, easily washable, fireproof and can be used for transporting heavy items in your industries.

They are also used to store products in the warehouses for longer periods preventing them from any kind of damage. 

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