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LW Aluminum Profile Door Providers

LW is an ISO-certified Aluminum profile door manufacturing company in China. We provide aluminum profiles for various purposes at affordable rates. LW also offers free samples to the customers.

We have been working for more than 15 years to provide our customers with their aluminum profile needs. The aluminum profile doors are manufactured and designed according to customers’ requirements. 

The series used in its manufacture is the 15/16 series. The different types of surface finishing and deep processing helps customers choose the right kind of aluminum profiles.

LW is working day and night to upgrade its services by bringing various aluminum-based products to the customers. We deal with aluminum profile doors and other products like vehicles, aerospace, electronics, etc.

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Supply Aluminum Profile Door

Aluminum profiles are being widely used for many purposes in metal markets. The construction of Aluminum profile doors is one of them. They have replaced mainly wooden and PVC doors due to their many advantages.

These doors are more substantial, reliable, and secure and can provide insulation too. Aluminum profiles for doors are also known as the ED section.

These profiles are most commonly used in heavy-duty glass doors. You can find these glass doors mainly in commercial areas.

Aluminum profile doors look classy and modern. Furthermore, the firm profiles keep the glass affixed and eliminate the chance of falling.

Aluminum profile doors come in various types like sliding, casement, roll-up, etc. LW can also customize them into different designs and shapes according to the choice of customers.

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Reasons to Choose LW Aluminum Profile Door Manufacturers

Expert Team

LW has an expert team that keeps in check the production of aluminum profile doors and their delivery. Our priority is to fulfill all the requirements of the customers professionally

Genuine Products

LW aluminum profile doors are made of high-quality aluminum alloy that is 1530 and 1640 series aluminum alloys. The quality of the products is reliable as they are strictly inspected while producing and shipping. This inspection is done in our Quality Control department.

Surface Finishing

Customers can choose any surface treatment from our wide range of surface treatment techniques. We provide powder coating, anodizing, electrophoresis, milling and wood coating, etc.

Additional Processing

Processing of aluminum profile doors is also done through different techniques at LW. Our team offers milling, drilling, tapping, bending, etc.

Reliable Services

The LW delivery services are reliable and fast. Our team makes sure to provide the best delivery services and answer all the customers' queries regarding our products.

Variety of Products to choose

LW has a wide range of products for the customers to choose. Our variety of products has helped customers fulfill their needs for different purposes. Different designs and colors of Aluminum profile doors are available here.

Characteristics of Aluminum Profile Door

  • Provides Thermal Insulation

Aluminum profile doors demands are rising in markets due to their insulation property. They provide excellent insulation against the weather. They are designed with various techniques to provide insulation where they are fixed. 

  • Provides Security

Aluminum profile doors are designed to provide better security to customers. These are highly strong and made from aluminum alloy and thus are anti-burglary. 

  • Wide Range of Designs

Aluminum has malleable and ductile properties. It can be bent and cut into whatever shape we want. Duo to this aluminum profile doors comes in a variety of designs. LW can customize them into any form the customer want. E.g., sliding doors, hinge doors, curtain walls, rolling doors, etc.

  • High Maintenance

Due to the anticorrosive property of aluminum, you can use aluminum profile doors for a more extended period. They have a layer of protection that protects them from extreme weather conditions. Thus, aluminum profile doors are worthy for outdoor and indoor structures.

Applications of Aluminum Profile Doors

Aluminum Profile Door for Residential Buildings
Residential Buildings
Official Buildings
Aluminum Profile Door for Curtain Walls
Curtain Walls
Aluminum Profile Door for Industries
French Door
Aluminum Profile Doors with Hinges
Hinge Door
Sliding Aluminum Profile Door
Sliding Door
Roll Up Aluminum Profile Door
Roll-Up Door

A Platform to Choose Aluminum Profile Door

LW has quite an extended range of aluminum profile doors available. Our range extends from 15 series aluminum alloys to 100 series aluminum alloys. 

We have many customers approaching us globally to get their desired aluminum profiles. Our aluminum profiles can be used for the construction of various transports. These include aviation and aerospace, marine and automobiles, etc. 

LW aluminum profile doors can be used for other purposes like decorations and construction. Our platform is ISO certified and has experienced more than 15 years.

Our team provides the best services to our customers that have helped us grow in international markets. Our goal is to excel more and become one of the best aluminum profile doors manufacturer and supplier companies worldwide.

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