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Aluminum rectangular bars are designed to provide a precise and efficient way to bend sheet metal. They are made of high-quality aluminum, which allows them to be lightweight yet also durable. 

All LW products are constructed and tested to meet or exceed industry standards for strength and durability in order to ensure quality.

This can help you create a variety of pieces using the same material. Aluminum is easy to shape, drill and machine, making it ideal for any project you may have. 

It’s also rust-resistant and won’t corrode or deteriorate over time.

Aluminum rectangular bars are commonly used in a wide range of applications including: linkages and anchorages, machine bases, bearings and shafts, roller skates, skateboards, ladders and scaffoldings.

Aluminum Rectangular Bars

Aluminium Rectangular Bar is a type of rectangular bar. 

It has the same length and width and they can be used as heavy load-bearing members in construction, transportation and mechanical engineering. 

The different shape of a rectangular-shaped bar makes it easier to make holes on them, whereas a square bar needs to be drilled in its four corners. 

Aluminum rectangular bars are a strong, lightweight, corrosion resistant and economical material which can easily be machined into various shapes and forms. 

Since almost all aluminium alloy is aluminum on the basis of 99% pure aluminum with the addition of small amounts of other elements, it can meet the production requirements at present very well.

Aluminum Rectangular Bars


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State-Of-The-Art Manufacturing Technology

Why Are We Experts in Aluminum Rectangular Bar Manufacturing? Our aluminum rectangular bars are made in a "State-Of-The-Art" facility employing cutting-edge technology. This dedication to quality and our vertical integration from raw material procurement, fabrication, and finishing through sheet finishing and delivery provides the client with a single source for all his aluminum rectangular bar requirements.

Careful Inspection and Testing

We are the leading aluminum rectangular bars manufacturing experts. We carefully inspect the material and use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that each dimension meets exacting standards. The precision of our cutting process and strict adherence to quality control measures ensure that you will receive a product that is smooth, consistent and precise in size.

Well-Thought Team and Experts

We are experts in manufacturing aluminum rectangular bar, as well as being in the business for a long time. We have professional technicians and advanced equipment which enables us to meet the industry standards of quality and service. Our customer base is not only limited to China but also extends all over the world.

Outstanding Raw Materials

Aluminum Rectangular Barsare used in a variety of household and industrial applications. Our Aluminum Rectangular Bar is manufactured using high-quality aluminum, which is appropriate for its corrosion resistance, durability, and lightweight.

Aluminum Rectangular Bars

Why You Should Be Using Aluminum Rectangular Bars

Increase Strength and Decrease Weight

Aluminum Rectangular Bar is used to increase strength and rigidity while decreasing weight in a wide range of equipment. These bars are commonly found in sporting goods, the automotive industry, office systems, furniture and more. They are often used as structural components where strength and rigidity are important, both because of their ability to absorb stress in all directions, as well as their ability to provide high strength-to-weight ratios for hollow parts with thin walls.

Easy-to-Handle and Durable

Aluminum rectangular bars are lightweight and easy to handle, but they have all the strength and durability you need. They are cost-effective and easy to store. When it comes to versatility, aluminum rectangular bars can be used for many more projects such as building a house, constructing fixtures, fixing furniture and repairing equipment.

Common Aluminum Rectangular Bars Applications

Aluminum Rectangular Bars for Automotive
Automotive Industry
Aluminum Rectangular Bars for Offices
Office Systems
Aluminum Rectangular Bars for Furniture
Aluminum Rectangular Bars for Structural Components
Structural Components
Aluminum Rectangular Bars for House Building
House Building
Aluminum Rectangular Bars for Equipment Reparation
Equipment Reparation

LW: Why We Are Aluminum Rectangular Bars Manufacturing Experts

Aluminum Rectangular Bars are ideal for making frames and grids, particularly if you need find bar stock at a reasonable cost. 

And these 36″ X 12″ X .062″ aluminum rectangular bars can be cut to any length for a custom fit. If you want to make chairs, trailers, or machines that need aluminum rectangular bars, these are the best choice for your needs.

Aluminum Rectangular Bars are made of high quality aluminum with a great alternative to other metal bars. They are affordable, versatile and strong. We stock a large range of sizes in both round and rectangular bars, as well as alloys in various grades as well as hardness.

Aluminum rectangular bars have a wide variety of industrial and residential uses. They are lightweight, affordable and easy to use. They are ideal for fabrication projects, construction and DIY applications. 

As one of the most versatile structural materials in existence, aluminum offers outstanding mechanical properties that can be engineered for maximum strength or minimum weight for a particular application.