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LW Superior Strength Aluminum Rub Rail

LW is an ISO-certified Chinese company that manufactures high-quality aluminum products. We have been providing our services for 15 years.

We launched our services in the aluminum manufacturing industry on a national scale. Our exceptional quality products and exceptional services lead us to success on the International level.

LW deals with the supply of the best quality aluminum products and aluminum rub rail is one of them. High-quality extruded alloys like 5052, 6061, 6063, and 6063 are used for the manufacture of products that add extensive strength to them.

At LW, we could provide  different grades, sizes, colors, and designs aluminum rub rail for you.  Our aluminum rub rail is made of marine-grade alloy and alloy 6063 which make it highly stable. Our high-quality products and economical rates make people prefer us.

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LW Aluminum Rub Rail product Classification

Marine aluminum rub rail

Marine aluminum rub rail

This form of aluminum rub rail is manufactured by high quality marine-grade aluminum. It has excellent durability and other properties that make it highly suitable for the harshest marine environment. It protects the boat from damage.

Solid profile aluminum rub rail

This form of aluminum rub rail is made up of extruded aluminum 6062. It has a solid profile and possesses great strength. It has a high corrosion resistance capacity and its polished surface gives an appealing look.

2- Fixed profile aluminum rub rail
Flexible profile aluminum rub rail

Flexible profile aluminum rub rail

This form of aluminum rub rail has flexible vinyl inserted in it to hide fasteners. The vinyl can be removed and inserted easily. The purpose of inserting the vinyl is to provide great cushioning.

Spartan aluminum rub rail

This form of aluminum rub rail generally comes in 8ft length and has great strength and effectiveness. It is straight in structure and does not contain any holes in it. However, holes can easily be drilled whenever you want.

4- Spartan aluminum rub rail


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Why choose LW Aluminum Rub Rail Manufacturer?

One-stop shop

LW could provide a one-stop service for its customers, you could get large range of products and multi-services from us. So visit us and save your time.

Rich quality products

LW uses extruded aluminum mainly alloy 5052, 6061, and 6063 for the production of the products that give high stability to our aluminum products. Moreover, We guarantee the quality of our products.

Affordable prices

LW manufactured and supply Aluminum products at very reasonable rates. We offer aluminum rub rail at a very affordable rate than other dealers. LW is a well-known company for its budget-friendly products.

Custom services

Want the products in your desired designs? We got you! We offer personalized services to our customers that help you to get the exact product according to your interest. Have a deal with LW and we will design for you.

Processing of products

Our highly skilled engineering team follows stick rules for the processing of aluminum products. We use different techniques in the surface treatment of our products. We perform sandblasting, extrusion, anodizing and other procedures.

Customer-friendly service

You could get 24/7 customer care services from LW. Our highly professional staff is good at dealing with customers. Moreover, LW follows stick principles to deliver your order in time.

Aluminum rub rail

LW your Aluminum Rub Rail Manufacturer Expert

LW manufactures all the aluminum based products in a very large quantity. All the products are made of premium quality extruded aluminum and are highly durable.

  • Different range of sizes

LW manufactures every product in a very large quantity that contains a different range of lengths and sizes. Our aluminum rub rail is manufactured in different sizes that are mainly 10 inches to 144 inches long.

  • Designs

LW manufactures aluminum products in different designs. We add a decorative look to our products. You could also costume your aluminum products in any desired design by having a deal with us.

  • Different colors 

LW uses a massive range of colors for the products.  Aluminum products are available in grey, white, silver, bronze, and black shades. Aluminum rub rail generally comes in silver and black shades.

Applications of Aluminum Rub Rail

Aluminum rub rail for work boat
Aluminum rub rail for military boat
Military boats
Aluminum rub rail for wall protection
Wall protection

LW Worldwide Supplier of Aluminum Products

LW is considered one of the best leading aluminum companies. Our products hold an extensive strength.

We have contemporary machinery for the production of aluminum products. We are skilled with the techniques of the CAD system.

There are numerous options of size, shape, and color that you can get on order. We have R&D Departments to customize our Aluminum products on your order.

Our high-quality extruded aluminum 6061 gives great stability to the products.

 Aluminum having high welding capacity can be recycled for other products by cutting and milling. We have thousands of regular customers.

Our mission is to uphold our status in the aluminum production community by providing quality products to the customers.

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