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LW Manufacturer- Aluminum truck tool box

LW Manufacturer is an ISO-certified company that has been serving its customers for years with high-grade products.

Our well-qualified staff uses the latest techniques and innovative skills to make high-quality products for our valuable customers.

We make aluminum products of every kind and size whether it is in a commercial, industrial, or construction industry.

We have also served our customers in the automobile industry. When it comes to the automobile industry we make every kind of product whether it is for cars, bikes, or trucks.

For the better organization of the truck bed, we made an aluminum truck tool box that is durable and firm, as we know riding on a challenging road requires good organization and security of equipment for that purpose.

So a suitable and safe truck toolbox is required. Our aluminum truck tool box is considered best for carrying a heavy load on the most challenging routes.

Categories of an Aluminum truck tool box

1. Side mount aluminum truck toolbox

Side mount aluminum truck tool box

The side mounts aluminum truck tool box is either fixed on the left or right side of the truck bed. It spreads to the length of your truck bed and provides maximum storage for good organization and security of equipment. 

Heavy duty black aluminum truck tool box

Heavy duty aluminum truck tool box is constructed with a thick layer of aluminum to provide extra durability and strength. It has a stainless steel lock to ensure the security of the equipment and provide convenient storage and security.

Black heavy duty aluminum truck toolbox
Chest aluminum truck toolbox

Chest aluminum truck tool box

A chest aluminum truck tool box is installed behind the cap. Aluminum truck tool chest provides maximum storage and better organization to the truck bed. It comes in various kinds and sizes according to the needs and requirements.

Underbody aluminum truck tool box

Underbody aluminum truck tool box provides elastic drawer storage with flexible dividers. In this type of truck, box content is safe and secure under the drop door, as aluminum truck tool boxes are weather-resistant and durable.

Underbody aluminum truck toolbox


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Why should You choose an aluminum truck tool box?


Aluminum metal has malleability and ductility that's why in the automobile industry, an aluminum truck tool box is considered the best choice for carrying heavy loads.


An aluminum truck tool box is cheap and affordable. You can get a high-quality aluminum truck toolbox at lower prices as compared to other metal boxes.

Weatherproof organization

The weatherproof organization is another good quality aluminum truck toolbox, an aluminum truck box will protect your truck bed from extreme weather conditions. In case of any damage, a truck tool box can protect the equipment from any unexpected conditions.


An aluminum truck tool box is light-weighted ,which is the property that makes aluminum the first choice to make a truck tool box for carrying heavier loads a lightweight material is required that benefits the heavy truck to run smoothly on a rough route.

High-life expectancy

An aluminum truck tool box has a high-life expectancy, it lasts longer than any other metal. Suitable in case of any damage, the truck toolbox can be repaired and maintained again.

Aluminum truck toolbox

LW Manufacturer- Make sure you have a product according to your choice

  • Custom-made products

LW manufacturer also deals in custom-made products that are made according to the given requirements. We construct the aluminum truck tool box according to the design in your mind.

  • Different kinds and sizes

We make aluminum truck toolboxes of different kinds and sizes according to specific criteria. We have unique designs, and attractive and appealing appearance truck toolboxes, and they are made according to the specification required by your truck.

  • Shipping and packaging

Shipping and packaging of the aluminum truck tool box are done under the supervision of our experts. They make sure that all the products are packed and shipped carefully to our respected customers.

Applications of an aluminum truck tool box

Aluminum truck toolbox imn pickup truck
Pickup truck
Underbody tool
Checker plate
Trailer toolbox
Aluminum truck toolbox in backpack truck
Backpack truck

LW Manufacturer- Your truck professional and expert

Selecting the best material for your truck tool box should be our priority as our truck bed carries a heavy weight so it is our responsibility to choose the perfect material for our truck.

We have many kinds and sizes like 60 inch truck toolbox or  48 inch truck toolbox or the toolbox of your need.

Get your truck bed a perfect aluminum truck tool box of your choice from the LW manufacturer as we have a good-quality aluminum truck tool box of different kinds and sizes.

Our experts make unique designs and supreme quality products they also guide you about the installation and maintenance of aluminum truck toolbox.

For your safe ride, or provide you, with support and guidance about any query or supervision our staff is always there.

Feel free to contact us in case of any need or emergency.