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LW has an expert team belonging to the R & D department that deals with customizing our products on customer demand. We deal with the supply and construction of anodized aluminum tubing for various functions. LW is one stop company that meets all the requirements of its customer. 

We also provide free samples to the customers. LW also deals with the anodized aluminum tubing in white, silver, black, gold, bronze, grey, champagne, and customized colors. Our experience exceeds 15 years, and we are continuously improving our services.

 The LW anodized aluminum tubing is better in quality, strength, and long-lasting. We also deal with other aluminum products like aluminum extrusion profiles and Aluminum profile systems. 

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LW Anodized Aluminum Tubing

Types of Anodized Aluminum Tubing

Round Anodized Aluminum Tubing
Round Anodized Aluminum Tubing

The anodized aluminum tubing in a round shape is called a Round Anodized aluminum tube. The alloy grades used to manufacture it are commonly 6061 and 6063 alloys. It is used in constructing buildings, frameworks, electrical fittings, etc.

Square Anodized Aluminum Tubing
Square Anodized Aluminum Tubing

This anodized aluminum tubing comes in a square shape. The alloy grades used to manufacture it are 2000 series, 3000 series, 5000 series, 6000 series, and 7000 series. It is precisely used in decoration, railings, storage tanks, etc. 

Rectangular Anodized Aluminum Tubing

This type of anodized aluminum tubing is shaped into a rectangle shape. Alloy grades used are 6060, 6061, and 6063. It is preferred in aircraft industries, fences, and railings. 

Oval Anodized Aluminum Tubing
Oval Anodized Aluminum Tubing

The oval-shaped anodized aluminum tubing comprises 2000, 3000, 5000, and 6000 aluminum alloys. It is usually used for constructing windows and doors.


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Reasons LW Anodized Aluminum Tubing Manufacturers and Suppliers Are Better

Convenient Service Providers

LW prioritizes the needs of its customers. It has a qualified team that provides excellent quality services to its clients. You can get any information regarding anodized aluminum tubing or any other product. Your questions are answered anytime.

The Remarkable Quality of Products

LW products are produced under highly supervised conditions. They are strictly monitored so that their quality is maintained. LW Anodized aluminum tubing has remarkable quality and is used for a more extended period or any purpose.

Various Colors Choice

The anodizing process also involves dyeing the metal. It improves the appearance of the metal gives it shiny touch. The anodized aluminum tubing or other products is available in different standard and customized colors like black, silver, golden, bronze, champagne, and others.

Timely Delivery

LW has a global approach. We have many international clients. We try our best to deliver our products on time to save the precious time of our customers.

Surface Treatment of Products

LW provides surface treatment to the anodized aluminum tubing at the customer’s request. To offer them that Our surface treatments include electrophoresis, wood effect, sandblasting, milling, anodizing, powder coating, etc. The aluminum tubing is anodized by our experts.perfect finishing, any treatment is done.

Processing on-Demand

Many customers want their product to be deeply processed before buying. LW got you covered. We have a team of experts capable of processing our products through various techniques. These include welding, bending, assembling, punching, drilling, etc. LW can also process the anodized aluminum tubing according to your need.

Anodized Aluminum Tubing

LW the Anodized Aluminum Expert

An anodized aluminum tube is a type of aluminum extrusion that has been treated with the anodizing process.


It is a coating technique used to increase the thickness of the oxide layer on the surface of a metal by using an electrolyte solution. It is called anodizing because the metal to be treated acts as an anode electrode while a cathode electrode is fixed outside the anodizing tank. 

Characteristics of Anodized Aluminum Tubing:

The aluminum tubes are anodized to enhance their workability. Following are some benefits or characteristics of an anodized aluminum tube:

  1. Protection from Corrosion
  2. Durability
  3. Attractiveness

Applications of Anodized Aluminum Tubing

Anodized Aluminum Tubing for Transportation Industries
Transport Industries
Anodized Aluminum Tubing for Architecture
Anodized Aluminum Tubing for Cooking Ware
Cooking Ware
Anodized Aluminum Tubing for Telescopes
Anodized Aluminum Tubing for Elevators
Anodized Aluminum Tubing for Medical Industry
Medical Industry
Anodized Aluminum Tubing for RVs

ISO Certified LW Anodized Aluminum Tubing

LW has been dealing with international clients for many years, and it has worked hard to achieve recognition worldwide. We have become an ISO-certified company. Our customers trust our products and services. 

The anodized aluminum tubing can be anodized into various different colors of your choice that makes it look more aesthetic. All standard and custom colors are available.

These are used in many industries like architecture, aerospace, marine, home appliances, etc. 

LW will ensure high-quality anodized aluminum tubing at your doorstep in a few days.

Many customers use the LW anodized aluminum tubing for different purposes. Book your order today by sending us an email. 

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