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The design of the bed head panel is customized to the needs of hospital wards. Without this air outlet control mechanism, medical gas pipeline systems are inoperable.

The headboard of the bed has a panel that attaches to the bed’s wall.

Depending on the hospital’s specifications, the bedside unit may include a communication interface, a physician’s telephone, and supplementary mounting holes.

The hospital should choose the color of the bedside panel, the side panel, and the walls of the ward.

When working in a hospital, it is necessary to have the proper equipment and a well-designed bed head panel.

Head bed units are manufactured using only premium aluminum materials so you won’t have to worry about the quality of your bed headboard.

Bed Head Panel

Bed head panels are an ideal way to dress up your hospital bed, add a pop of color, or just create a little texture. You need a bedhead panel that’ll add efficiency for medical work.

They’re simple to use and always versatile, so you can trust that your spaces will always look great! The reason why you want to utilize bed head panels is that it provides durability. 

Bed Head Panels are made from high-quality aluminum materials that are resistant to heat, moisture and bacteria. These panels easily fit into almost any decor.

Bedhead Panels come in different styles to match your needs. Bed Head Panels are designed to be economical, versatile and easy to install.

These panels can be painted in a variety of colors to match your home decor. Bed Head Panel comes with an adhesive pre-cut for easy installation.

Bed Head Panel


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As your Bed Head Panel Manufacturer, we will ensure your project is of a high quality. We have years of experience in the industry and have been able to meet the needs of our customers by providing them with various designs and sizes. We focus on customer service and take pride in the fact that we are able to give our customers the results they are looking for.

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We at LW are a bespoke and high-quality company that specializes in your bed head panel needs. We are one of the top manufacturers in the country, and have served a wider range of industries than most. With over 15+ years of manufacturing experience, you can be assured that we know what we’re doing having done this for more than a decade.

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As a bed head panel manufacturing company, we are one of the biggest suppliers in the industry. We have been serving our customers for years now and are proud of what we have accomplished over the course of our history. We strive to offer high quality products at affordable prices so our customers can enjoy their craft project with ease.

Bed Head Panel

Why You Should Employ a Bed Head Panel

Easily Accessible

The aluminum bed head panel is ideal for patient beds that require a standby medicine accessory. The panel provides an easily accessible kit for patients and it is more durable than wood headboards. Aluminum bed head panels are treated with a special formula that makes them an excellent choice for all types of beds. They are extremely durable, corrosion-resistant and easy to clean.

Critical Device to the Comfort of Your Patients

The bed head unit is essential to the patient’s comfort and treatment throughout their hospitalization. Your hospital will increase patient care effectiveness by adding a bed head panel for each patient bed in the hospital. Everything you need at an arm’s length is one of the best things about having a nearby bed head panel in every hospital for each doctor, nurse, or any medical professional as it’s good for high-pressure environments.

Common Bed Head Panel Applications

Bed Head Panel for Hospitals
Bed Head Panel for ICUs
Bed Head Panel for General Wards
General Ward

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Expansion screws on the rear allow it to be attached to the wall. As a safety precaution, the gas chamber is vented. Mounting attachments enable you to tailor the process to meet your specific requirements.

Customizable options include the following options:

  • The number of beds
  • Depending on the requirement, the length might be varied.
  • Inputs and outputs of medical gas
  • Communication plugs (Network port, phone, etc.) number and type
  • We can customize the ICU bed head panel to meet your specific needs.

Our patient bed head units are the best in the industry.

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