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Large open spaces that need structural support and thermal insulation are best served by Box Truss.

This ingenious tensioned design easily adjusts to the demands of your area, providing long-term advantages in the form of greater safety and efficiency, while retaining a beautiful appearance.

Unique to trusses is its capacity to support high ceilings without the help of supports or columns.

Using box truss systems, it is possible to create an open, high-ceiling area without the need of conventional internal ceiling supports.

Box trusses provide design and installation versatility, since there are different ways to cut and arrange them to meet your needs.

Truss systems are among the most crucial aspects of any construction project.

They offer protection against strong wind loads and contribute to an integrated building system that will increase energy efficiency.

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Box Truss is an innovative and one-of-a-kind structure utilized in the construction of structures. The Box Truss design has shown to be very effective and efficient, especially for constructing commercial structures.

Box trusses have a unique style and are employed in several buildings designed by architects today. They may be utilized for both commercial and residential structures and offer a distinctive touch to the project.

Multiple tubes are joined one on top of the other to produce a triangular or box-shaped box truss.

The square or rectangular design of the tubes, as opposed to the circular shape of typical wood trusses, creates a durable, strong, and space-saving feature when integrated into your floor plan.

The box truss system is a durable and lightweight retail environment solution.

It can sustain huge expanses, provides the freedom to modify the interior space as requested, and functions effectively as an essential component of retail architectural design.


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LW: Box Truss Specialists

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Surpassing the expectations of our customers is what we are all about. High quality and efficiency is what has made us one if not the best box truss manufacturers in the world, and that’s what keeps us going!

15+ Years of Box Truss Manufacturing

At LW, we are committed to providing quality and innovative products. From our headquarters in China, we have built a dedicated team that has been satisfying customers for decades. 15+ years ago, we set out to bring value-priced box trusses to the market, and since then we have grown into one of the most trusted sources for box trusses on the web.

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We are experienced box truss manufacturers with a professional assembly production line, strong technical strength and diligent staff. We have been committed to doing everything possible to achieve our customers' satisfaction.

Efficient Large Quantity Production

Our truss manufacturing process is able to produce large, high quality trusses quickly, efficiently and cost effectively. We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality product at competitive prices.

Box Truss

Why You Must Utilize Box Truss

Economically Durable Material

Box trusses use a box design to create a roof structure that is strong, economical and easy to install. The trusses are lightweight, yet strong enough to support the roof load without interior supports. Box truss systems provide a quick way to frame up your roof, even in irregularly shaped buildings and warehouses. They are easy to design and build into areas without obstructions.

Long-Lasting Stylishness

The look of a box truss will never go out of style. If you want your venue to look elegant, we suggest implementing this design so that your guests won’t be able to forget about the contentment they felt and the memories they created.

Common Box Truss Applications

Box Truss for Houses
Box Truss for Buildings
Box Truss for Construction
Box Truss for Commercial Projects
Commercial Applications
Box Truss for Concerts

LW: Box Truss Experts

This is a massive, incredibly durable design that can be utilized for both ceiling and wall framing. Trusses are very lightweight.

As a result, they are easily transported and installed. This makes them perfect for large-scale projects involving multiple rooms or entire buildings.

Box trusses are an ideal choice for those who intend to build a permanent structure. They offer great strength and longevity, while being extremely lightweight.

In addition they look fantastic, so don’t hesitate to opt for this style if aesthetics are a factor in your design criteria.

Box truss is a construction technique with excellent strength and rigidity, especially in long span construction. It can be widely used in various industries, including aerospace, offshore oil, entertainment stage and so on.

A box truss is just a truss that is a definite shape that relates to the four sides of your project. The sides must be rigid and well joined together. This can be done using efficient interlocking techniques.

The box truss is designed to be used in conjunction with standard truss. This can increase the stiffness and rigidity of a structure, along with increasing its strength.