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LW Caravan Aluminum Extrusions Supplier

LW has become a brand of quality. Our company is trusted worldwide to get their requirements fulfilled by us. We have been working for 15 years to provide good quality Caravan Aluminum extrusions. Our team also provides the best finishing and in-house processing services. 

LW provides free samples to their customers. Our Caravan Aluminum extrusions are widely used in the manufacturing of various Caravans. Our team is always available to communicate and answer all the questions regarding the products. We provide our quality products with the fastest delivery to save your valuable time. 

LW caravan aluminum extrusions are lightweight, durable, solid, and easy to assemble. These are undoubtedly the perfect choice for manufacturing off-road caravans due to their excellent weather resistance. 

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Features of LW Caravan Aluminum Extrusions

  • High Strength to Weight Ratio

Aluminum is a lightweight metal. It has been used in many industries due to its high strength-to-weight ratio. It means caravan aluminum extrusions have low weight but is stronger. Due to this, it is the perfect choice for constructing caravan body frames. 

  • Corrosion Resistance

Caravan aluminum extrusions have a layer of aluminum oxide on its surface that acts as a protective layer against corrosion. It can help caravans survive extreme weather conditions.

  • Easily Tailored

LW can customize aluminum. Caravan Aluminum Extrusions are customized into various designs due to this property, e.g., corner trims, edge trims, drip rails, windows, doors, etc. 

  • Easy Assembly

The caravan aluminum extrusions are pretty easy to assemble. They do not require any technique or labor to make them. They are bound together by pop riveting the frames and securing them with pin punches or welding.

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Reasons LW Caravan Aluminum Extrusions Are an Excellent Choice for Caravan Manufacturing

Trusted Quality

LW caravan aluminum extrusions are of reasonable quality. They are carefully manufactured through good quality raw material. Our inspection department monitors each step, from manufacturing to delivery of the products.


Caravan aluminum extrusions include punching, drilling, tapping, bending, cutting, welding, etc. We make sure to meet all the requirements of the customers.

Tailoring Services

LW can provide tailoring services to the customers on their demands. We have a wide range of colors and designs to customize caravan aluminum extrusions. They are available in round, square, rectangular, and customized shapes. We also provide standard colors and customized color choices.

Different Surface Finishing

The caravan aluminum extrusions are treated with different finishing to enhance their appearance. Our customers can choose among powder coating, milling, sandblasting, PVDF coating, anodizing, wood effect, etc.

Highly Qualified Team

The LW hires only professional and qualified members. It is to maintain the quality of our services. Our team is experts in manufacturing, tailoring, finishing, processing, and delivery of top-notch caravan aluminum extrusions. It is also capable of quality communication with clients and ensuring good customer care services.

Caravan Aluminum Extrusions

Your Best Choice for Caravan Aluminum Extrusions

  • Alloy Grades Used

The caravans are meant for traveling and living. So, they should be made of high-strength and weather-resistant material. The caravan aluminum extrusions are a perfect choice because they are made of 6061 and 6063 series of aluminum alloy. 

  • Colors

The caravan aluminum extrusions, just like other extruded aluminum, can be customized into different shapes, designs, and colors. The colors they are available in are black, golden, silver, grey, bronze, nickel, etc. They look attractive to the eyes and are used for decorative purposes.

  • Shapes

They are designed in various shapes, just like other extruded aluminum. The caravan aluminum extrusions can be tailored in round, rectangular, square, flat, etc. They are durable so can be changed into any shape easily. 

Applications of Caravan Aluminum Extrusions

Caravan ALuminum Extrusions for Commercial Purposes
Commercial Purposes
Caravan Aluminum Extrusions for Architectural Purposes
Architectural Purposes
Body Frames
Caravan ALuminum Extrusions for Caravan Windows and Doors
Caravan Windows and Doors
Caravan Aluminum Extrusions for Off-Road Caravans
Off-Road Caravans

The Universal Choice for Quality Caravan Aluminum Extrusions

LW is an expert aluminum extrusion profile manufacturer. We not only deal with caravan aluminum extrusions but also other aluminum products.

The caravans or travel trailers are made of caravan aluminum extrusions. These are extruded aluminum with high tensile strength and are easy to assemble.

They are used to construct caravan chassis, edge trims, windows, doors, interior furniture, etc.

We have experience of 15 years of providing different kinds of aluminum products like aluminum profile systems, aluminum tubing, aluminum flat bars, aluminum profile doors/windows, and many more.

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