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LW Super quality Classroom Whiteboard

LW is an ISO-certified company located in China. LW is a well-developed company and our products are hot selling in the market. 

We are dealing on national as well as international level. Our exceptional marketing experience of 15 years in the production and selling of high-quality products validates our standards. We manufacture thousands of products including classroom whiteboard.

At LW, we have a wide range of classroom whiteboards. We use Enameled steel, Porcelain steel, or Melamine in the manufacturing of the classroom whiteboard and Aluminum for framing the whiteboard.  

We have different collections of sizes and designs available for classroom whiteboard. Our premium quality classroom whiteboard is sold on a large scale. It is highly durable, lightweight, and used frequently in all institutes.

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LW Classroom Whiteboard Product Classification

Magnetic classroom whiteboard

Magnetic classroom whiteboards are generally installed on walls in school classrooms. These have a super smooth surface and are scratch resistant.

glass Classroom whiteboard
Glass classroom whiteboard

It is made up of tempered glass that has high durability. Its glass is scratch resistant and easy to maintain. It adds a modern look to the classrooms.

Porcelain classroom whiteboard

It is the best material used for the production of classroom whiteboards. It is a heavy-duty whiteboard with a smooth non-porous surface.

melamine Classroom whiteboard
Melamine classroom whiteboard

It is a standard form of classroom whiteboard. It light-duty classroom whiteboard and is affordable. It is suitable for classrooms and general purposes.

Portable Classroom whiteboard
Portable classroom whiteboard

It comes with stands and has wheels installed at the edges of the stand. It is easy to move it from one direction to the other. Moreover, it has a dual writing surface


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How Is LW Classroom Whiteboard Different From Other Dealers

One stop store

LW has a one-stop store for its customers. You could visit us anytime and have a good deal with us. Our customer care team is always available to answer you.

Quality Assurance

LW manufactures high-quality products. Our quality checking department makes sure to maintain the quality standards of our products.

Durability and lightweight

Our products including classroom whiteboard are highly durable and lightweight. Our classroom whiteboard is versatile and hard to crack


Our classroom whiteboard is sold at a very economical rate. Our products are sold at a competitive price as compared to the other dealers in the market.

Custom made service

LW has an exceptional custom-made service facility available to customers. You could customize any product in the orders according to your preferences.

Customer-friendly service

At LW, we provide 24/7 hours customer care service. Our team is always willing to help you regarding your queries and ensures client fulfillment.

LW, Classroom Whiteboard Manufacturer Expert

LW is known for its wide collection of products including classroom whiteboard.

  • Size and color

LW manufactures classroom whiteboard in large quantities. Its collection includes different sizes, colors, and design options. It comes in square or rectangular form with different size ranges. A bulk of different sizes of classroom whiteboard is available here. Color options include standard white and brilliant white shades. We manufacture classroom whiteboards in a large number of sizes. You could easily find your desired size of classroom whiteboard here.

  • Quality

LW is prominent in the market for its super-quality products. Our classroom whiteboard is made up of high-quality material. It is very easy to clean ink markings. The aluminum framing of our classroom whiteboard prevents the  of the classroom whiteboard from scratching. Our heavy-duty classroom whiteboard is used in education departments for frequent use. surface brightness away even after years of usage. It does not absorb dry-erase ink and permanent ink. 

Applications of Classroom Whiteboard

School Classrooms
Classroom whiteboard for education department
Educational departments
Classroom whiteboard for Academies
Classroom whiteboard for boradrooms

A Trust-Worthy Brand For Classroom Whiteboard

LW is a trustworthy brand all over the world. Our products are of excellent quality. Our engineering team always potential to provide the best quality and modern product designs to our customers. 

We have a whole collection of products you need. Moreover, we offer customization services to our customers to meet their preferences.

Classroom whiteboard is frequently used in classrooms, educational institutes, and so on.  Our premium quality classroom whiteboard possesses an incredibly smooth and clear writing surface. 

It has a non-porous surface. It’s easy to remove the ink markings from it and it does not even absorb the permanent marker ink. 

It possesses high scratch-resistance and stain-resistance properties. 

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