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Our many years of experience in manufacturing the best Aluminum products have made us a ranked trademark among the other Aluminum manufacturers.

We make Custom Aluminum Enclosures upon request of our customers. These are commonly used for indoor and outdoor environments where you want to save the environment from looking messy and for your protection too. We manufacture assortments of different sizes, shapes, and colors.

Overall, we make use of our Aluminum and manufacture products that are used indoors and outdoors.

We make your preference our priority in the preparation of your Custom Aluminum Enclosures. 

Therefore, do not hesitate to give your Custom Aluminium Enclosure order.

Custom Aluminum Enclosure Products

Custom Heavy Duty Aluminum Enclosure.

Custom Heavy Duty Aluminum Enclosure

These are heavy-duty Aluminum enclosures. Generally these are electrical enclosures. They are safe to work around with a lid of a good design.Therefore, these are popular for their durability.

Extruded Custom Aluminum Enclosure

These Custom Aluminum Enclosures are used to make applications for medical equipment, power converters, and safety equipment. The outer surface is black powder-coated. On the inside, it has end panels and software, and slots for installation. This allows the wide use of Custom Aluminium Enclosures.

Extruded Custom Aluminum Enclosure.
Custom Flanged Aluminum Enclosure.

Custom Flanged Aluminum Enclosure

These are low-cost Aluminum enclosures with wall mounting flanges. The internal surface is unfinished for good conductivity.

Custom Waterproof Aluminum Enclosure

These are weatherproof enclosures made in custom dimensions according to the customers’ needs. These enclosures are made on demand for the agricultural industry, testing facilities, and railroad industry,

Custom Waterproof Aluminum Enclosure.
Custom Machined Aluminum Enclosure.

Custom Machined Aluminum Enclosure

These Custom Aluminium Enclosures are high-speed machine-milled enclosures made for heat sinks. These enclosures are designed for maximum strength.


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LW Custom Aluminum Enclosure- Advantages


The Aluminum can be shaped into profiles of different sizes, colors, and styles with holes, slots, and fixation points to enhance their physical appearance.


The Custom Aluminum Enclosures are made to be precise so that they can fit inside your car or truck.


Made of pure Aluminum, our Custom Aluminium Enclosures are strong so, they do not bend. Therefore, their longevity is guaranteed.


The Aluminum, although light in weight, has a high tension which ensures its strength and can withstand high pressure. So, the Custom Aluminium Enclosures we make are the most durable to have.

Corrosion Resistant

The external coating of our enclosures is protected from environmental factors such as chemical irritants and rusting materials.

RFI shield

The enclosures are made for electronic devices. However, the Aluminum blocks UV waves saving the electronic device from external and internal damage.

A Premium Custom Aluminum Enclosure Maker

  • Extrusion

Extrusion such as Machining of Aluminum is easy to do. Therefore, our Custom Aluminum Enclosures have good processing and plasticity.  

  • Environment friendly

There is no metal pollution and no release of toxic gases. The non-volatile layer on the top of our Custom Aluminum Enclosures is safe for the environment. These are recyclable with the initial energy so, they are energy savers.

  • Elasticity coefficient 

Aluminum has a small elasticity coefficient which is why its hardness is maintained despite its light weight. 

  • Anti-collision

The Aluminum is frictionless and does not produce sparks upon collision. This saves our Aluminum enclosures from burning out. 

  • Ductile

The low coefficient results in strong plasticity which produce good yield and good performance.

  • Easy handling

The opening of the Custom Aluminum Enclosure is easy, and the packaging is made easy with Aluminum.

Numerous Applications of Custom Aluminum Enclosure

Medical field
Medical Instruments.
Medical Instruments
Industrial enclosures
Electrical enclosures
Heat Sink.
Heat sink
Aluminum Profiles.
Aluminum profiles
Tool Boxes.
Tool Boxes
Sun Rooms.
Sun Rooms

Customized Custom Aluminum Enclosures

The production of our Aluminum products happens in clean and sanitized environments. That is because we care about you.

So, we want you to take full benefit of our Aluminum products, and our Custom Aluminum Enclosures. We take a keen interest in providing you with the best quality Aluminum products that are fit for your vehicle and appliances.

In addition to that, we pay full attention to your preferences. We listen to your preferences and then make your order upon your request. 

Our Custom Aluminium Enclosures are available for customization in different sizes, shapes, styles, and colors. 

As experts, we give the after-sale benefit to our customers so that they are well familiar with our Aluminum products. Until then, our professional team assists you to get your Custom Aluminum Enclosures fitted into your devices. 

We are a one-stop for your Aluminum products needs.

So, you do not have to wait to contact us and get a quote!