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Custom Aluminum Fabrication

Aluminum has just recently become a mass-produced material that is widely employed in construction projects and other applications.

Aluminum was extremely difficult to extract prior to 1886, and its value was not as affordable as it is today.

Aluminum has long been considered as a dependable material for practically any building project, which is why it is such a well-known metal today.

As a result, custom aluminum fabrication demand surged, creating a manufacturing requirement that had to be addressed.

If you have any custom aluminum fabrication requirements, please contact our sales team and get the Free design and Fastest quotation.

The Machines Used in Custom Aluminum Fabrication from LW

MIG TIG Welding Machine for Custom Aluminum Fabrication
MIG & TIG Welding Machines for Custom Aluminum Fabrication

MIG and TIG Welding Machines do comparable tasks but obtain the same results in different methods. TIG welding uses welding rods made from tungsten to generate heat hot enough for the metal to weld, whereas MIG welding uses a wire feed that generates electricity continuously to make the metal weld.

LW employs both machines so that we may process your custom aluminum fabrication utilizing a variety of processes for a variety of materials.

Press Machine for Custom Aluminum Fabrication
Punching Machines for Custom Aluminum Fabrication

Not to be confused with the average office puncher, a punching machine used in custom aluminum fabrication is a machine tool for punching and embossing flat sheet-materials. These flat sheet-materials are formed to achieve different features as needed by you.

Punching machines are used in a variety of applications, not only in the custom aluminum sector, but also in other industries.

Laser Cutting Machine for Custom Aluminum Fabrication
Laser Cutting Machines for Custom Aluminum Fabrication

Metal laser cutting machines are utilized for precise cuts and can be employed in a variety of design projects. Laser cutting devices, which have been around since the 1960s, give off a high-tech impression due to how smooth cutting metals become.

Because of their ease of use, laser cutting machines have become a fantastic partner for the custom aluminum fabrication process!

Bending Machine for Custom Aluminum Fabrication
Bending Machines for Custom Aluminum Fabrication

Bending machines are used to create a bend for custom aluminum applications that require a lot of rotatability or products that are used for kinematics. This type of machine is a highly essential tool to produce different number of bends for various purposes that you might deem essential.

If you’re looking for a custom aluminum fabrication provider that has solid equipment for your needs, you’ve come to the right place.

CNC Turning Machines for Custom Aluminum Fabrication

CNC turning is a machining procedure used to produce parts in a short period of time. CNC is an abbreviation for computer numerical control, which alludes to the fact that these machines are computer-controlled and can create standardized components in huge quantities.

To fulfill your custom aluminum fabrication needs, we utilize CNC turning machines which gets the job done easily for you.

CNC Milling Machine for Custom Aluminum Fabrication
CNC Milling Machines for Custom Aluminum Fabrication

Much like the turning machines that we use for custom aluminum fabrications, our milling machines are also CNC and can produce a lot of components in a short amount of time. These machines are versatile and can be used for flattening surfaces and drilling holes.

The milling process begins with rapidly producing cuts via a cutter so that it can remove material. 


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What Are the Advantages of Custom Aluminum Fabrication?

Detailed Focus on Prioritizing Your Custom Aluminum Fabrication Needs

Here at LW we make sure to make you feel that we value you above anything else. Your custom aluminum fabrication is what we aim to perfect to serve you better. Not only do we strive to make sure that we accomplish every order successfully, but we also aim to make you feel welcome to make another one with us.

Equipped with High-Grade Machinery for Custom Aluminum Fabrication

The custom aluminum fabrication process necessitates the use of high-quality machinery that is difficult to come by. We make certain that our equipment and machinery are always up to date so that we never fall behind and always stay ahead.

Experts in Custom Aluminum Fabrication with Extensive Knowledge and 15 Years of Experience

One of the many things that distinguishes us from other manufacturers is that we employ industry professionals. We've been fulfilling custom aluminum fabrication orders for 15 years and understand that you want only efficient, high-quality aluminum for your applications.

Custom Aluminum Fabrication Why Us

Your Custom Aluminum Fabrication Provider

When it comes to custom aluminum fabrication, there are numerous advantages. Here are a few of them:

  • The major reason for custom fabrication is to achieve proportions and make it fit your demands.
  • Custom aluminum fabrication necessitates industry specialists, resulting in higher quality. LW has this ability provide you these service.
  • Despite being tailored, these custom fabrications do not take long to complete due to the machines used to save manufacturing time.

Industries Where Custom Aluminum Fabrication Is Needed

Telescoping Aluminum Tubing for Gym Equipment
Sea Transport Industry

Custom aluminum fabrication is used in the construction of ships, boats, jetskis, and other types of water transportation due to its qualities that maintain the boat safe and useful against water-based corrosion.

Telescoping Aluminum Tubing for Railings
Agriculture Industry

The agriculture business is a massive industry that relies heavily on custom aluminum fabrication to build their silos. Aluminum’s anti-rust properties make it an excellent material for storing various types of produce.

Telescoping Aluminum Tubing for Shelves
Home Furniture Industry

Custom aluminum fabrication is not limited to being useful and overall, a fantastic addition to any project but it’s also known for its modern touch in home furniture designs. 

Telescoping Aluminum Tubing for Signposts
Kitchenware Manufacturing Industry

Kitchenware manufacturers often uses custom aluminum fabrication and aluminum itself to create their products. Because of the good thermal conductivity, aluminum becomes such an amazing material.

Telescoping Aluminum Tubing for Hydraulic Systems
Food Processing Industry

The food processing industry utilizes different types of equipment made from aluminum such as the aluminum foil machine, metal detectors, and more! Custom aluminum fabrication is found in a lot of industries.

Telescoping Aluminum Tubing for Flagpoles
Office Building Industry

In building offices, different types of aluminum products are used and needed. It’s important that they meet specific measurements and proportions which then calls the need for custom aluminum fabrication.

Telescoping Aluminum Tubing for Signposts
Automobile Industry

In creating the different parts of auto vehicles, custom aluminum fabrication is used for vehicle frames, wheels, and all sorts of car parts that you’ll be mentioning.

Telescoping Aluminum Tubing for Hydraulic Systems
Food Packaging

Custom aluminum fabrication is an important asset for the food packaging industry. Much like the agriculture industry, the food packaging industry needs a solid metal to hold different types of produce from beverages to solid food which aluminum provides.

Telescoping Aluminum Tubing for Flagpoles

Probably the industry that uses custom aluminum fabrication the most, the construction industry is specific, requires a ton of durability, and many other features that aluminum provides.

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