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LW Manufacturing high quality aluminum products, including extruded aluminum channels, which is our expertise. 

Our success over the past fifteen years is attributed to us being a consistent and dependable supplier of a multitude of different kinds of aluminum products. We have made it our mission to continue this track, ensuring that every step 

With LW, you are guaranteed to get the right extruded aluminum channel for your needs. Whether it’s a smaller-sized channel or a larger-sized one, we’ll guarantee results! 

From the beginning stages of just choosing the sizes to hard-working individuals who customize it down to the finish, our capable experts are here to assist you with your project!

Common Extruded Aluminum Channel Grades

6061 Extruded Aluminum Channel
6061 Extruded Aluminum Channel

The structural strength of the 6061 extruded aluminum channel makes it an ideal choice for all your metal forming needs. It’s a lightweight material that lends itself to fabrication yet possesses excellent sheet forming properties and good weldability that makes this aluminum alloy one of the most useful in the industry.

6063 Extruded Aluminum Channel

The 6063 extruded aluminum channel is a very popular aluminum alloy grade because it is comparatively inexpensive and generally easy to machine. It features a surface that accepts finishes readily and can be anodized to produce a wide range of colors which really sets it apart from the 6061 in some applications. For these reasons, the 6063 extruded aluminum channel has endless uses for decorating, construction, manufacturing and more.

6463 Extruded Aluminum Channel
6463 Extruded Aluminum Channel

This aluminum profile bracket’s bending motions are achieved with a single blow, and the brackets are a product best suited for obliques. They are also quite versatile and simple to utilize. The 135-degree angle brackets are available in stock sizes and can be utilized right away. When you buy them, you can expect high-quality products at reasonable pricing.


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Why You Should Work With LW

Consistency Backed by Industry Expertise

Through our line of highly engineered products, we will provide you with high-quality extruded aluminum channels, equally suited for your needs. We achieve this through our proprietary techniques including machining and extrusion, as well as in-house packaging of your extruded aluminum channels. We are proud to offer the service and the quality that make customers like you come back and work with us again.

Desire to Satisfy Your Project Requirements

Here at LW, we believe that you have every right to be demanding. We vow to carry and manufacture only the best extruded aluminum channels, and not just any extruded aluminum channel. We are ISO-certified, and we work with world-class experts to make sure that your specifications become reality!

Great Complimentary Material for Design Projects

Are you looking to add a touch of flare and class to your design? Our extruded aluminum channels are the ideal complement to anything you are designing. Our aluminum channels create the look you want at the price you need.

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Extruded Aluminum Channels Manufacturing


LW extruded aluminum channels use aluminum alloys that are light, strong and resistant to corrosion. That makes them perfect for protecting and building ships, developing parts for military applications and manufacturing airplanes. With a very high recycling rate of 95%, using aluminum becomes a critical factor in protecting natural resources.

High-grade material

A light and inexpensive material that won’t cost you a lot, extruded aluminum channels are used in the construction of tall buildings, bridges, and other structures for millions of people every day. As a result of its maximum strength-to-weight ratio and corrosion resistance, aluminum’s qualities have also made it popular for many vehicles as well.

Ways You Can Incorporate LW’s Extruded Aluminum Channels

Extruded Aluminum Channel for Train Windows
Train Windows Using Extruded Aluminum Channels

Extruded aluminum channels are frequently utilized in high-load applications such as trains. The aluminum is extruded and riveted to the train frames. This boosts their strength while also making them lighter and more flexible than steel equivalents. Moreover, because aluminum does not rust easily, it protects the inside components of the window from corrosion.

Extruded Aluminum Channel for Modern Buildings
Modern Buildings Using Extruded Aluminum Channels

Wind resistance is one of the many things that architects look for in designing modern-day structures and skyscrapers. In case you’re one of those looking to construct the next Empire State Building, you can incorporate our extruded aluminum channels into your project! Offering corrosion resistance and easy machinability, it’ll make your construction easier.

Extruded Aluminum Channel for Medical Equipment
Medical Equipment Using Extruded Aluminum Channels

Aluminum is a popular metal, so it’s no surprise that it’s used in nearly every sector. Lightweight and low-cost materials are required in the healthcare and medical technology industries to produce medical equipment. Our extruded aluminum channels manage to capture all the demands of our healthcare workers while also producing minimal environmental burden.

Discover How We Produce Our Extruded Aluminum Channels

Looking for a sleek option for your next project? Look no further than our extruded aluminum channel. Each of these channels is made from aluminum, so you can be assured that it will be both durable and lightweight. 

Dedication to providing our clients with top-notch service has led us to become the preferred producer of extruded aluminum channels. You’ll be blown away by the wide selection we offer—give us a call and we will provide you with made-for-you extruded aluminum channels.

To top it off, each channel can be customized to meet your application’s specific needs.

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