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LW Rich Quality GPU Heatsink

LW is a well-developed company that deals with manufacturing and selling aluminum products all around the world. LW has been highly ranked in the market for 15 years.

Our products are made from high-quality extruded aluminum and possess distinctive aspects. Our productions are highly in demand all over the world. 

A gpu heat sink is a device that desperate the temperature of a hardware unit and keeps the function going on smoothly. Our gpu heatsink is made up of extruded 6060, 6061, and 6063 aluminum alloy.

It has well-defined thermal conductivity and fits several hardware devices. The gpu heatsink has several applications and is manufactured in a wide range of varieties.   

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LW GPU Heatsink Product Classification

1- blower gpu heatsink

Blower gpu heatsink

It is also known as a closed gpu heatsink. It is lightweight and very small in size so can easily install even on laptops. It prevents the computers from overheating.

Open-air gpu heatsink

It is also called fan gpu heatsink. It is the best choice for your desktop computers because it allows for extra airflow. It has up to three small fans that expel the heat from the computer more efficiently.

open air gpu heatsink
AIO gpu heatsink

AIO gpu heatsink

It stands for ‘All in one gpu heatsink’. It is expensive as compared to the blower and open-air heatsink but quite efficient in performance. It reduces the thermal effect of the GPU components and helps in smooth operation.

Liquid cooler gpu heatsink

It offers the best thermal regulations through the equipment. It is used in high-performing systems to remove the heat outside of the system. It is widely used in multi gpu systems.

4- liquid cooler gpu heatsink


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Why Should You Choose LW GPU Heatsink

One-stop service

We have a one-stop LW store for your ease in purchasing the products. You could visit us and look for your interests. You could enjoy multiple services under the only roof.

Finest quality products

LW manufactures the best quality products. Our gpu heatsink is of high quality and worthy to compete internationally. We have been maintaining the supply of quality products from the very start.


Our products are readily available at affordable prices. Despite being a competitive industry we provide consumers with a quality product at a good and affordable price.

Custom made service

LW provides you with the advantage of customization service. You can send us your specifications regarding the product and we will make the exact product according to your preferences and needs.


We use extruded aluminum material in the manufacturing of our products. Our products are highly durable and effective. They possess high resistance against environmental factors. Moreover, it is more lightweight than the copper heatsink.

On-time shipping

Our highly professional team makes sure to dispatch your orders safely and on time. We help you to get your order on your doorstep in a very short period.

gpu heatsink

LW, Your Best Choice For GPU Heatsink

LW provides you with the facility of custom order. You can customize your products in any size, design, and color.

  • Different sizes

The size and design of the gpu heatsink vary from device to device and are specifically designed to fit in particular equipment. The larger the gpu heatsink the more readily it can reduce the temperature of the equipment. You can easily find the specified size of gpu heatsink for your device from LW.

  • Colors are great finishes

The gpu heatsink comes in a different color that affects the way how they dissipate the heat. Are you confused about the color selection? We got you! Black or any dark-colored gpu heatsink maintains the temperature of the device more effectively than the light-colored gpu heatsink. We manufacture the gpu heatsink in black, dark grey, and brown shades.

Applications of GPU heatsink

Industrial computers
gpu heatsink for laptops
gpu heatsink for solar thermal water system
Solar thermal water system

LW, A Well-known Brand For GPU Heatsink

Gpu heatsink is a modern tech material and is highly demanded nowadays because of its beneficial prospects.

It helps to radiate the heat so that your equipment works smoothly at a maintained temperature. Usually, the electronic equipment gets warmed after operating for some intervals if the gpu heatsink is not installed in them.

It results in the malfunctioning of the devices. So gpu heatsink is a game changer in this respect.

We have designed gpu heatsink with extruded aluminum that enables your device to run smoothly for years.

Moreover, we have got an ISO certificate that validates our perfection in this field. We warranty the quality of our products and the safe shipping.

LW is an International trustworthy brand for its finest quality products. Our interest is to continue manufacturing and supplying distinctive aluminum products.

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