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The excellent performance of our large whiteboards so far has made us the best- sellers of large whiteboards in the market. Our consistency in making quality whiteboards have made our product so popular that they are selling-up so quickly.

The large whiteboard is available in large sizes. However, you can recommend your preferences of color and style; we will definitely work on that.

Generally, Our large magnetic dry erase board is the exemplary board for use at homes, schools, offices, and manufacturing sites because of its ability to help out when struggling with extra work.

Our large whiteboards are available in different grades. If you are using it at home, the light-duty would work, but for places like classrooms and architectural sites, heavy-duty boards are preferred. Sometimes, customers buy two- large whiteboard at a time if they want to use them for a large load of work which is a better idea. 

We also give the Minimum Quantity Benefit for our large dry erase board which is helpful for you as customers to get your whiteboard at a discounted price.

So, order yours before they are finished.

Large Whiteboard Products

1.48x36-in Magnetic Dry-Erase Whiteboard.

48x36-in Magnetic Dry-Erase Whiteboard

With the large surface of this large whiteboard, the text is clear. With no sharp edges and a smooth surface, it is a safe large magnetic whiteboard to work on in different surroundings.

4x6 Feet Mobile Whiteboard

This large whiteboard with a stand is movable, but you can fix it with its locking wheels feature. This free-standing large whiteboard has a dual-sided writing surface with a 360 rotation angle.

2.4x6 Feet Mobile Whiteboard.
90x120-in Large Whiteboard

90x120-in Large Whiteboard

This large whiteboard is a wall-mounting whiteboard. This is the kind of a whiteboard that is usually used at homes, tutions, and classrooms because they have a large and smooth surface with dry-erase markers. That is the reason why it is convenient for studying purposes.


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LW Large Whiteboard- Advantages

Improved thinking

With the large whiteboard, it is convenient to write down spontaneous views and thoughts and then reflect upon them later.

Honeycomb structure

The structure of the large whiteboard prevents it from denting and from having scratches or holes in it.

Visual learning

With the large magnetic whiteboard, learning is better and easier because it is appealing to the eyes and senses to write on the smooth surface and be able to cleanly dry-erase it.


The big whiteboard has a smooth surface with easy writing and erasing without getting itself stained.


The dry-erase markers and semi-permanent so on the big whiteboard they are wiped off with the erasers easily.

A Premium Large Whiteboard Maker

Our large whiteboards are popular among the masses for the following specifications they have:

  • Safe Wall Mounting Solution

This big dry erase board can be mounted on the wall with its mounting parts inside the package. The pass-through mounting is on the hinge part and is suitable for the stability of the board on the wall.

  • Easy adjustment

The white board large with a stand is movable and stable when you want it. The locking wheels serve the function of the stability of the large white board.

  • Staying organized

The large whiteboard with stand is a perfect board for staying organized and getting things done at the right time. Therefore, people are inclined to invest in our large dry erase board.

Several Applications of Large Whiteboard

Large Whiteboard in Lunch Room.
Lunch room
Large Whiteboards for Office Projects.
Office projects
Large Whiteboards for Tracking Assignments.
Tracking assignments
Large Whiteboards for Notices and Routines.
Notices and Routines
Large Whiteboard for Timetables.

Customized Large Whiteboards

We make our big whiteboards with nontoxic products because we understand that it is crucial to select a large magnetic whiteboard that does not compromise your health. Therefore, we take care to make them chemical-free and in a neat and clean environment. 

Other than that, we make a big whiteboard with your preferences of yours regarding its style and color so that you can take your benefit from it.  

We give after-sale services on our big whiteboards because we want you to get used to our large dry erase board so it is familiar for you to use.

The big whiteboard is made with upgraded materials for use at homes, classrooms, and architectural sites.

Therefore, they are made with upgraded materials so that they can be reliable and durable for a longer period. 

We are a one-shop for large dry erase boards and other supplies of this nature.

So, order your big whiteboard and get a quote from us.