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LW Manufacturer-Locker cabinets

If you are worried about your things being stolen or you want a safer and reliable space to place your essential things. You must consider the locker cabinets made by the LW manufacturing company which is one of the leading companies in China with years of experience.

Our locket cabinets provide stability and security to your essentials as they are made from high-grade material with a solid structure and attractive designs.

The metal we used to make cabinets is of high quality and then it is coated with powder to protect them from germs or rust thus making our locker cabinets sustainable and eco-friendly.

There is an eye-catching and classic design available, with metal reinforced doors and adjustable height shelves. Their installation is easy and doesn’t require much time, it is suitable for homes, offices, and institutes.

Types of Locker Cabinet

1. Tall locker cabinet

Tall locker cabinet

The tall white locker cabinet has one fixed and one adjustable shelf behind the upper doors, there are two
drawers with metal runner safety stops, and there is high space behind the cabinet doors including a fixed
shelf and garment rods.

Metal locker cabinet

Metal locker cabinet is made up of reinforced steel-frame, coated with an anti-bacterial powder that protects them against germs and corrosion. There is hanging rod and shelves behind the doors. It is suitable for offices, colleges, and institutes.

Metal locker cabinet
Small locker cabinet

Small locker cabinet

The small locker cabinet comes with an adjustable shelf so you can use it at your convenience. The two-door
small cabinet has easy access and easy installation with a classical look. It is suitable for small rooms or for

Black locker cabinet

The black locker cabinets have the doors hinged for easy opening, polished with black color made up of steel
metal with adjustable shelf and locking knob.

Black locker cabinet


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Why should we use locker cabinets?


The locker cabinets provide security to all your important stuff. You can easily place them in a safe and durable locker cabinet to protect them from being stolen or broken.

Increase productivity

The locker cabinets also help to increase the productivity of work. Full filling all your business needs you can place any kinds of important documents or stuff in locker cabinets as it keeps them safe and secure.

Reliable and high life expectancy

The locker cabinets were once purchased as a long-time investment, as they are reliable with a high-life expectancy to protect your stuff and made your office look organized.

Attractive designs

The attractive and appealing designs of metal locker cabinets add charm and versatility to your home or offices, this makes your place look more organized and it also increases the efficiency rate.

Good organization and more space

Locker cabinets contain wider space with adjustable shelves and hanging doors to make your room look organized and all the items can be placed in the relevant space to make it easy to access or assemble.

We provide you with security and safety.

  • High-grade metal with powdered coating

The locker cabinets are made from high-grade metal and coated with anti-bacterial powder to prevent them
from rust and corrosion. The powdered coating keeps the locker neat and clean and made it sustainable.

  • Customized storage cabinet

We also customized cabinets according to the demands and requirements of the place or area. There are
many designs available for cabinets used in offices, schools, or homes or you can also customize them
according to your designs.

  • After-sale services

There are also after-sale services available, customers can contact our staff in case of any inconvenience or
the instruction they need to use the product.

  • Easy installation

The installation of the locker cabinets is very easy and it doesn’t require much time. The easy maintenance locker
cabinets can be used in school, homes offices or institutes.

Applications of locker cabinets

Locker cabinet in institutes

LW Manufacturer- A premium locker cabinets

LW manufacturer tries to provide you with the most suitable cabinet for your place that not only suits your environment but also increases the efficiency rate and help to get more organized and productive.

You can the ready-made available eye-catching locker cabinets or you can also be your designer or can customize them according to the requirements.

The price rate is reasonable and all the shipping and packaging of the product is done under the supervision of our experts.

There is also an after-sale service available so you can surely get the most help from our
experts about the product query or details.

For order do contact us now!