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LW Mini Whiteboard Your First choice

LW is manufacturing mini white board for teachers, students, office works etc. We are well known for our innovative ideas, reliability and excellence in the field.

Moreover, our mini dry erase boards have quality that allow you to clean the board without using any liquid. 

Our company is customizing mini whiteboards for students that help students in learning and also facilitate teacher’s assessment the student’s caliber easily / in one glance.

Our technical team is sophisticated beside providing you customized and standard mini white boards along with that also provide maintenance and repair facilities. 

LW mini dry erase boards are not easy to break and also it is not easy to scratch the surface so they are durable and long-lasting.

We never ever compromise on quality. So what are you waiting for, order on our website and get one for yourself or for your kid now!

LW Mini Whiteboard related-products

A3 Mini Whiteboard

They are of great quality allow you to write and erase data easily. A3 mini whiteboards for students help them to work in groups or either individually to develop their ideas.

A4 Mini Whiteboard

A4 mini white board is durable, will remain with you for longer period of time you can use it in kitchen to record your to do lists or your children can use it for effective learning

A5 Mini Whiteboard

It can be used as memo, calendar or you can decorate it on your working desk help you to note important events and points.

Mini Whiteboard with Stand
Mini Whiteboard with Stand:

Mini whiteboard with stand is portable, easy to carry and display. You don’t need to hold it all the time it can stand on the easel.

Double sided Mini Whiteboard

LW double sided mini white board is sturdy and of ideal design. You can also make them stand or hang on the wall. They have quite a lot space for writing than other mini white boards as you can use both sides.  

Magnetic Mini Dry Erase Board

They are easy for regular use with magnetic surface, you don’t need any cloth or liquid to erase it but a magnet is installed in it as you swipe it from left to right or vice versa it automatically removes whatever you have written on it.


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Advantages of LW Mini Whiteboard


LW mini whiteboards are strong, firm and resilient. Due to its durability, it is not easy to break or scratch their surfaces so that make it an economical choice.

Easy cleaning

They are easy to clean and maintain and don’t need any special kind of stuff or liquid to erase and clean boards. Further it leaves no mark when wiped off so mini whiteboards for students are very popular.

Fully Erasable

Our mini white board have non- porous surface so no stains left every time you erased it. So, it didn’t get dirty earlier like other ones and you can use it again and again.

Mini Whiteboard

LW High Quality Mini Whiteboard Profile

We have very strong and great profile with colorful frames, wide range of sizes regarding mini whiteboard and facilitate all people like children, office workers, house owners etc.

  • Frames:

LW offers different variety and colors of frames. We provide wooden, plastic as well as aluminum frames with black, blue, yellow, pink, green etc. colors and customized ones are also available. 

  • Sizes: 

Different number of sizes available for mini whiteboard such as A3, A4, A5, 1*1 feet, 2*2, 3*3, 2*4, 4*5, 4*8, 4*12, 4*16, 4*20, 5*8 and 5*12 feet etc with 0.5 mm to 1 mm thick. Customized sizes are also available. Order as per your need. 


To-do list
Mini Whiteboard for Calendar
Mini Whiteboard for Weekly planner
Weekly planner
Mini Whiteboard for Learning board
Learning board
Drawing board
Mini Whiteboard for Message Board
Message board
Mini Whiteboard for Idea Recording Board
Idea recording board
Mini Whiteboard for Desk Board
Desk board
Mini Whiteboard for Kitchen Fridge Board
Kitchen Fridge board

LW Mini Whiteboard Dealers- ISO certified Internationally recognized Company

 LW guarantees to provide prime quality personal mini whiteboard or dry erase board. The one made from long-lasting PVC with aluminum frames. 

We also offer free dry erase marker along with mini white board. We also offer various finishes for mini white boards like coat them with high quality lacquer that improve its performance and durability. 

Its colorful frames make it attractive and a great attraction for your kid. With our teams of professionals, we present you custom whiteboards with beautiful appearance and complete specifications. 

Place your order now and get your desired mini whiteboard!