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Octagonal Aluminum Tubes have a wide variety of applications. 

They are stronger than steel tubes, and can be cheaper due to their ease of production. 

Their octagonal form factor provides advantages in performance where structural brackets need to withstand a longitudinal force.

The strength and versatility of aluminum is well known, but it’s the properties that makes this metal so different than others that make these octagonal aluminum tubes a better choice.

Octagonal Aluminum Tubes

Octagonal aluminum tubing has been used in a number of products ranging from compact telescopes and lightweight bicycles to toothbrushes. 

It is made from round extruded aluminum that is pressed into a shape resembling octagonal, hence the name. 

This type of aluminum has proven itself effective and efficient in these applications and even more so when incorporated into an art or fun activity.

In the modern era, aluminum is a well-known option for its lightweight and durability, especially when using heavier loads or traveling repeatedly. 

Thankfully, many companies manufacture various types of aluminum tubing to help suit your needs.

Octagonal Aluminum Tubes


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Cost-Effective Aluminum Products

We understand the importance of having a reliable manufacturer of Octagonal Aluminum Tubes for customers. We are committed to providing our clients with quality and cost-effective products that are 100% delivered on time, every time. Our manufacturing facilities and all processes under strict quality control that meet your specifications on tight schedule and guaranteed delivery dates.

Fast and Reliable Manufacturing Methods

Octagonal aluminum tubes are the key to manufacturing quality bikes. Our machines run on aluminum tubes, cutting speeds are faster and more efficient. Manufacturing high-quality aluminum bike frames with octagonal tubes will be more profitable for you and our company. And if aluminum prices keep going up, octagonal will save you money for decades to come.


As the leading aluminum tube manufacturer, our goal is to maintain consistent quality in the industry. Your aluminum tubes bring us stability, which is why we are here to provide you with the same high-grade materials that we use within our factories.

Nothing is Impossible

Why should you buy your Octagonal Aluminum Tubes from us? We can meet all of your requirements, whether they be size, thickness or processing requirements. We have superior capabilities in extruding and drawing tubes; and we have a factory that guarantees good quality, low prices, and fast delivery.

Octagonal Aluminum Tubes

Why You Should Be Using Octagonal Aluminum Tubes

Disaster safe

Using octagonal aluminum tubes will produce a high strength-to-weight ratio, which makes the structure stronger and more stable. This also makes the building less vulnerable to deformations due to earthquakes. Besides, octagonal aluminum tubes have smooth surfaces, hence it is easier to prevent cracks due to frost. With the capability for both compression loading and tension loading in large range, these aluminum tubes can be used for various purposes.

Stable structures

Octagonal tubes offer a proven safety advantage over round tubes and are used in quality stands. The extra material of the larger cross section in the octagonal tube provides improved heat dissipation and greater resistance to buckling under load. Plus, when using flat-topped whips, you can rest assured that your antennas will always be safely ensconced inside the stand.

Common Octagonal Aluminum Tubes Applications

Octagonal Aluminum Tubes for Buildings
High-Strength Applications
Octagonal Aluminum Tubes for Vehicles

LW: Well-Trained Specialists in Octagonal Aluminum Tubes Manufacturing

We offer you the best Octagonal Aluminum Tubes products, and professional service. Fast delivery, strict testing method. Free samples can be provided, and we accept customization.

Most of your competitors do not manufacture Octagonal Aluminum Tubes, but we do – and we can make them better! Not only are they strong and lightweight, they are also resistant to atmospheric corrosion. That’s why we are the ideal choice for Octagonal Aluminum Tubes.

Octagonal Aluminum Tubes are the next-generation aluminum tubes, specifically developed for high strength, lightweight designs.

Why you should choose to manufacture them? Octagonal Aluminum Tubes offer a number of benefits over traditional round, rectangular or rectangular hollow aluminum profiles.

Our quality systems have ensured the consistent high quality of our products, and therefore the complete satisfaction of our customers.

The world’s finest manufacturers of octagonal aluminum tubes rely on Nodular for the quality, consistency, and performance of our seamless, high-tensile-strength tubes.

We manufacture both mechanical and non-mechanical grades, over a wide size range of finished tube diameters.We also stock standard wall thicknesses of 0.120 and 0.140″.

We are a leading manufacturer of octagonal aluminum tubes and have the ability to produce over five hundred different kinds of octagonal aluminum tubes with various specifications.

Octagonal aluminum tubing is very useful when making airplanes, boats and other vehicles that use these materials. It can be used with a variety of gears, shafts and other parts that need to work with different types of equipment.

Most people need more than just octagonal aluminum tubes and should consider purchasing an entire kit to ensure they get all the right things.