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  • Low production cost
  • Light-weight
  • Fabulous handling

LW Manufacturer- Road bike Aluminum frame

While you are looking for a perfect road bike frame, it is necessary to consider the correct material for your bike. An aluminum frame can be a good choice for your bikes because of its reasonable price and lightweight.

The strength-to-weight ratio of the aluminum frame is also good, which makes bikes easier to carry aluminum frames. The road bike aluminum frame is also very durable, firm, and rigid because of which bikes have desirable stiffness levels and provide strength and durability to them.

Aluminum is always a premium choice over other metals due to its non-corrosion and sustainability. Road bike frame made from aluminum metal also possesses the same quality as aluminum metal.

The aluminum bike frame is made strong enough to go through the long rough roads and to bear the worst weather conditions. The aluminum bike frame is favored by mountain bikers and riders.

LW Manufacturer deals with different types of road bike aluminum frames, making your ride better and more desirable. Our aluminum frame is specially made for riders to provide them with the best quality of bike frame to make their ride comfortable and easy to handle.

Types of Bike Aluminum Frame

Cannolde caad 12 15 road bike aluminum frame

Cannondale Caad 12 15 road bike aluminum frame

Cannondale Caad 12 15 road is one of the best road bike aluminum frames specially designed to increase stiffness and for a ride on rough roads.

700c road bike aluminum frame

700c road bike aluminum frame is specially designed for traveling purposes. It is made with the alloy of aluminum and painted with electrostatic paint. It has a low beam to cover a long distance. It is used for racing and traveling purposes.

700c road bike aluminum frame
Folding road bike aluminum frame

Folding Road bike aluminum frame

The folding road bike aluminum frame has white color and comes in 20 inches with no buckle and tail hook.

Fixed gear road bike aluminum frame

Fixed gear road bike aluminum frame is made with 6066 aluminum series. It has smooth welding and is perfectly polished which gives it an attractive appearance.

Fixed gear road bike aluminum frame


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Pros of road bike aluminum frame


Stiffness provides stability and comfort while racing and climbing. Different types of riders need stability for their adventurous rides. Road bike aluminum frame provides comfort and rigorousness while riding on mountains and other rough places.


The anti-rust property of the road bike frame is another good quality. The bike frame is resistant to rust thus, making it easy for riders to travel all over the world without having the fear to get their frame rust.

Low Maintenance

Road bike aluminum frame requires low maintenance because of their durability and stiffness aluminum bike frame needs a little care only, which makes them desirable for traveling and racing.

Low price

Road bike aluminum frames are inexpensive and easy to afford. Whether the racers or experts both can afford aluminum frames because of their cheaper rates.


The road bike's aluminum frame is lightweight. Their low-weight quality allows smooth rides to adventurous places.

Road bike aluminum frame

Aluminium Sliding Door Frames Variants

Some variants of aluminium sliding door frames are as follow:

  • Bypass aluminium sliding glass door

These are best for smaller places like closets and bathrooms as have tracks on top and bottom of the glass door.

  • Pocket/ disappear aluminium sliding door

These doors do not contain with them hinges and when glass slide of aluminium door frame is open, the glass door went into the pocket or adjacent wall making it disappear.

  • Lift & Slide aluminium sliding Door

Lift and slide aluminium sliding door made up of two large panels that could be open up effortlessly. The door is on the wheeling track frame and needs to be lifted up to open the sliding door.

  • Tilt & Slide aluminium sliding Door

Sliding the glass door horizontally allowing the person to open the moveable belt along with aluminium glass door frame and thus such moveable glass doors not only enhance the beauty of the space, as well as also the source of ventilation and help out by keeping the room airy & tidy.

Application of Road bike aluminum frame

Mountain bikers
Touring cyclist
.Road bike aluminum frame in racing

LW Manufacturer- Choose the best material

As we know that choosing the right bike frame for your bike is very important because it is the frame that joins other parts together and enables you to sit and go ahead.

The erosion-resistant and non-destructive properties of the aluminium frames while durable, elegance and secure-resistant properties of glass make aluminium sliding glass door frames famous among business distributors.

Demand of aluminium sliding door frames are increasing in market day by day. The credit goes to the long lasting, elegant and easy to maintain properties of aluminium sliding door frames.

So, it is essential to get your bike a frame, which is easy to carry, lightweight, and has an appealing appearance to give your bike a charming look.

To provide you with the perfect material for your bike frame is our duty. To fulfill our responsibility, we have come up with our best-quality road bike aluminum frames.

Made with the latest technology and perfectly welded by our experts to provide our valuable customers the material they deserve.

To provide you the guidance about the correct choice of material or guide you about the specific metal, their pros and uses our staff is always available.

For any queries, do contact us as we are always there to assist our valued customers.