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LW Manufacturer- The rolling whiteboard

 LW manufacturer is one of the leading companies that has been serving our valuable customers for years.

Providing them high-quality products that are made under the supervision of highly-qualified staff that engaged themselves working several hours, using innovative techniques and creative ideas to build the most unique product in the market.

While manufacturing whiteboard the quality and quantity of the material is kept under vision to make sure that the product made is of high quality and doesn’t get scratched and damaged.

The mobility of the whiteboard on wheels is also a priority as the movable whiteboard is the source of communication between managers and employees. 

We have vast varieties of rolling whiteboards both in magnetic and non-magnetic frames, and can also make customized whiteboards.

And the graphics can also be added to your whiteboard according to the client’s demands and requirements.  

Categories of rolling whiteboard

1. Double sided rolling dry erase board on wheel

Double-sided rolling dry erase board on wheels

The rolling dry erase board on wheels emerged from high-quality material with solid frame construction. It has four universal wheels that make movement easy. Some casters lock the free moving of wheels. The double-sided magnetic surface provides a plentiful writing surface for managing workload and organizing data.

Magnetic glass rolling whiteboard

The magnetic glass whiteboard on wheels is made from magnetic white glass that prevents stains, it is suitable for heavy use, and there is a flipchart holder on the top of the easel that holds a standard-size flipchart pad. Their silver easel is best for the working places.

2. Magnetic glass rolling whiteboard
Mobile dry erase rolling whiteboard 40x28

Mobile dry erase whiteboard 40x28

Mobile dry erase whiteboard 40×28 inches has a large writing surface which is coated with three paint layers to provide it a smooth writing surface. It is made from galvanized steel sheet with iron or an aluminum supporting stand, color is silver with a paper stand. It is suitable for homes, offices, and outdoor meetings.

Large rolling whiteboard 72 x 36 inches

A large rolling whiteboard 72 x 36 inches is double -sided has a solid construction with no tremble. It is durable and strong, environmentally friendly, and has a large writing surface. It is suitable for presentation, organizing data, and managing big projects.

4. 1. Large rolling whiteboard 72 x 36 inches


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What are the benefits of a rolling whiteboard?


A mobile whiteboard on wheels can be used for multi-purposes discussing project details at offices explaining important points to students at an educational institution, or to serving to-do lists at the reception a whiteboard can be used to assist in multi-task.


Flexibility is another benefit of a mobile whiteboard on wheels. They can be moved from one place to another, that quality makes them best for outdoor meetings.

Interactive session

A mobile whiteboard is a source of managing and organizing data, it helps people to get engaged together on a single topic shares ideas with each other, and work on a common goal.


A simple rolling whiteboard is easy to use and reusable, it requires no specialized skill to get used, we can simply make a presentation and discuss important points just by using a simple marker.


The rolling whiteboards are hygienic and eco-friendly. They don’t cause any allergy and prevent any dust particles, there is no wastage of paper and use of chalks which makes it more organized and environmentally safe, and secure.

Rolling whiteboard

The mobile free-standing whiteboard

  • Different material

We deal with all kinds of mobile dry erase boards made from different materials according to the needs and requirements of customers. We make a whiteboard frame of aluminum, porcelain sheet, or silver depending on your choice.

  • Other accessories

There is also another accessories tray that comes with each movable whiteboard that contains the necessary other essentials like dry erase markers and flipchart clips with the full-length marker tray.

  • Carefully shipped

All the whiteboard on wheels are packed under the supervision of our staff and are carefully shipped to the required destination. The parcel is also tracked by our team so the parcel can carefully reach the customer without any delayed or damage.

Applications of rolling whiteboard on wheels

Rolling whiteboard in home
Business meetings
Rolling whiteboard in collaborative event
Collaborative session

LW Manufacturer- Get your movable Whiteboard on wheels

A free-standing mobile whiteboard is a blessing for outdoor meetings or to carry at remote places, as they help to manage the workload between organization and employee by becoming a helping tool to organize data. 

It is also suitable for offices where presentations are given to attract the client’s attention. It is also used in educational institutions for educational purposes. 

A double-sided rolling whiteboard on wheels can be used to teach two class students simultaneously.

To order your whiteboard, do contact our staff as they are always there to help you.