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For over 15 years, our small whiteboards have crossed the mark of functioning for our customers. That is because we curate to the needs of our customers by producing a small magnetic whiteboard that is used at homes, offices, and other places of commute.

We give Minimum Quantity Benefit on our small whiteboard so that our customers can get our small whiteboard with maximum benefit to them.

Our small whiteboards are available in various colors depending on the type of contrast you want. Usually, the house furniture and the color of the small whiteboard are preferred by our customers.

We ensure you that we make your orders according to your preferences.

So, order yours before it is too late to get the best of the deals.

Small Whiteboard Products

1.A2 Double-Sided Whiteboard.

A2 Double-Sided Whiteboard

This small magnetic whiteboard is mostly attached to the fridge, but it can also cling to any hard surface such as walls without leaving marks. It is a handy small whiteboard that can be kept in your personal space. On your small whiteboard, you can write any information important to you or reminders.

36x24-in Magnetic Dry-Erase Board

This Small whiteboard is 36×24 inches. It has a smooth surface for dry erase without leaving stains. This gives it longevity to function well. It can be mounted vertically or horizontally with the mounting kit containing a pen tray.

Magnetic Dry-Erase Board
60x40-in Magnetic Dry Erase Board.

60x40-in Magnetic Dry Erase Board

This small whiteboard is multipurpose as you can attach paper notes on it with the help of magnets. It is comparatively larger than the above-mentioned whiteboard, but it has the same functions, and takes up more space.

Small Glass Desktop Whiteboard

With this small whiteboard with stand, you can utilize your work area by fixing it between the keyboard and the monitor. The hidden storage tray is also at your hand distance so you can put dry-erase markers and eraser inside it.

4.Small Glass Desktop Whiteboard.


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LW Small Whiteboard- Advantages

Effective teaching

When all the students in the classroom have their small dry-erase boards, they contribute to the classroom and participate equally with other students.

Group work

The small whiteboard helps to reach a goal. When you are in a group, each one of you can draw a mind map to elaborate on your part of work in the team.


The small whiteboards are the best for jotting down ideas and spontaneous points. You can write them on the board and then work on them later.


With the small whiteboard with a stand, each student in the class is motivated to participate and write on the board.


In the small dry erase boards and markers, there are no poisonous substances that are unbeneficial for the environment.


With the small dry erase boards, the stands can be a way to concentrate on the problem you are thinking on. You can fix it or move it around for your convenience.

Small Whiteboard.

An Upgraded Small White Board Maker

Here are some specifications of our small whiteboards:

  • Personal use

The small dry-erase boards are handy at home and office for writing immediate texts such as messages and ideas.

  • Compact size

Our small dry erase boards are tiny that can fit anywhere which saves space. They are suitable to be placed on kitchen counters for recipes or office tables for upcoming meeting reminders.

  • Portable

You can write on the small desktop whiteboard with its standing position or you can turn it into a notepad. It can be carried along like a book at any time.

  • Double-sided

The two sides of the small magnetic whiteboard give more space for writing or drawing. Two projects could be conducted at the same time.

  • Flexible

The whiteboard small can be put on the lap or kept in a standing position. You could also turn it into a flat board.

Numerous Applications of Small Whiteboard

Desktop reminders
Small Whiteboards for K-12 School Learning.
K-12 school learning
Transparency and collaboration
Academic and corporate use
Small Whiteboard for Tabletop.
Small Whiteboard on Closet door.
Closet door

Customized Small Whiteboards

We manufacture our white board small in disinfected vicinity and our pieces of equipment are environmental-friendly.

There are no chemical preservatives or poisonous substances in it. You can buy them with a guarantee of having the best health benefits.

We make various types of the  white board small.. From the fridge’s thin sticker-like whiteboards to hardcore, we never let our customers down in developing the model they want.

Other than that, our after-sale services help you to become familiar with the little whiteboard. Our passionate crew members help you through that.

Generally, teachers love our small whiteboards with stand for students. They enhance the learning experiences of students.

So, now is the time to contact us and get a quote.