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The brilliant performance of our Aluminum made products for many years has given our Stomp Box Enclosures recognition in the market.

The Stomp Box Enclosure are used for securing electronic devices such as guitars. Other than that they are often bought for wall mounting for the wires of electrical devices at homes, offices and manufacturing sites.

Therefore, we prepare dependable Stomp Box Enclosures for safe use at homes and workplaces. 

We design them according to your recommendations of colors, sizes, and styles.

Besides that, you can utilize our Minimum Quantity Benefit offer to get the maximum out of our Stomp Box Enclosures. 

With this gift, we suggest you do not not hesitate to order your customized Stomp Box Enclosure from us.

Stomp Box Enclosure Products

1.Wall Mount Stomp Box Enclosure.

Wall Mount Stomp Box Enclosure

These Stomp Box Enclosures are for assembling electrical parts in them according to their control functions. The foam sealing gasket prevents water and dust from penetrating the box maintaining the function of the control systems.

Diecast Stomp Box Enclosure

Made of Diecast Aluminum material, these are electronic instrument enclosures. They are designed for safer indoor settings. They enhance decorative effects as they are available in different colors. Thay are available in different shapes ranging from trapezoid to octagonal shapes.

Diecast Stomp Box Enclosure.
Pedal Enclosure Stomp box Enclosure

Pedal Enclosure Stomp box Enclosure

These Stomp Box Enclosures are specifically used for electric guitar effect pedals. The protected design and Vibra finishing allows for a smooth texture with no harsh edges.

Industrial Stomp Box Enclosure

These are industrial Stomp Box Enclousres for electronic instruments as they are heavy-duty enclosures. These have lids with securing screws as they are not mounted on the walls due o thei huge sizes.

4.Industrial Stomp Box Enclosure.


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LW Stomp Box Enclosure- Advantages

Dust and Water-Proof

The gasket is a seal-proof coating for blocking dust and water from entering the box enclosure.

Door Opening

The door is made at a purposeful angle such that it allows its easy opening at an angle.


There are holes in the back of the box enclosures for hanging them safely on the wall.


The extruded profile doors allow for increased compression resistance which is why the door is strong to open and close safely and precisely.


They are extruded through the machining process and are powder coated to bear high pressures and weather shocks.

Good storage

The Instrument cases and electrical controllers are easily fit in these specifically designed Stomp Box Enclosures.

Secure lid

The lid is placed on a safe angle with for screws for stability so that it does not cause injuries from its edges.


The simple design of the Stomp Box Enclosure allows for its easy cleaning it and safely using it the next time.

Stomp Box Aluminum Enclosure.

A Premium Stomp Box Enclosure Maker

The Stomp Box Enclosure we make have exceptional qualities. Here are a few of them to get you started to buy them:

  • RFI shield

Our enclosure is fully integrated from the outside and inside so that no irritant can harm the activity of your electrical device. Moreover, it saves the flies and other living creatures from getting inside it and from being harmed.

  • Finishing 

The enclosures are finished with Polyester powder coating for a smooth and lasting touch. This allows for easy branding on its surface as the adhesion is smooth.

  • Temperature and shock resistance

Our enclosures are designed to be weather resistant. Other than that, there is a shock absorbing mechanism built in it that eliminates harsh pressures.

Numerous Applications of Stomp Box Enclosure

Guitar Effects.
Guitar effects
PC Computer.
PC computer
Embedded PC case
Instrument Enclosure.
Instrument enclosure
Industrial control box
Audio amplifier chassis

Customized Stomp Box Enclosures

All our products including the Stomp Box Enclosure are prepared in a clean environment which means that the tools and equipment that we work with are disinfected.

We take a keen interest in the cleanliness of our products so that our customers are safe around the products we make.

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