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LW: Waterproof Aluminum Enclosure Expert

Waterproof aluminum enclosures protect your electronic devices from the elements. 

Waterproofing is critical for equipment used in hostile environments such as the construction industry, military field operations and marine environments.

Specialized marine applications require an enclosed area that can withstand high temperatures, salt corrosion of exposed metal parts and water pressure. 

It is used in situations where the enclosed components must be protected from water, no matter how severe the environment may be. 

Using these sealed aluminum enclosures will definitely help protect your valuable electronics, and to preserve them for the long term. 

It is the latest technology in use in the market.  It is used for water tight enclosures. 

A waterproof aluminum enclosure is also known as waterproof aluminum box, which is basically a strong and durable structure that provides protection from moisture, dust, shock, vibration and electrical noise.

Waterproof Aluminum Enclosure

A waterproof aluminum enclosure is an excellent choice for applications that require maximum protection from the elements. 

This type of sealed aluminum enclosure is typically used to house electronic circuits and devices, especially in outdoor environments where exposure to moisture, dirt and debris is unavoidable. 

In fact, they’re often used in marine and offshore applications, as well as construction sites. Waterproof aluminum enclosures are ideal for storing and protecting sensitive electronics. 

They incorporate a water-repellent locking system to quickly allow access while keeping moisture out. All of our waterproof enclosures meet IP55 standards and are resistant to dust, rain, snow and vibration. 

They also include an integrated automatic ventilation system to prevent overheating and internal condensation issues.

Waterproof Aluminum Enclosure


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LW: Waterproof Aluminum Enclosure Experts

We provide unique, but cost-effective solutions.

We are pleased to be your supplier of waterproof aluminum enclosures since we provide creative and cost-effective solutions. Our devices are developed and constructed to withstand extreme environments and situations that might jeopardize the equipment they safeguard.

We never put your safety or comfort at risk.

We construct waterproof aluminum enclosures because we understand that the safety and comfort of your consumers should not be sacrificed. Every enclosure we produce is designed to give the highest level of protection that a waterproof aluminum enclosure can provide, and is constructed from long-lasting, resilient materials.

Using our production procedures, we only provide the finest protection.

The Waterproof Aluminum Enclosure is one of the best enclosure options for a sensitive setting. Our waterproof aluminum cage protects against hazardous circumstances like dust, water, rain, and snow. Using our production techniques and innovations, you can be confident that we provide only the highest quality protection.

Our technical staff will assist you in selecting the optimal design for your application.

The waterproof aluminum enclosure is a robust and versatile product that can be utilized in a variety of settings. This product is offered to you at an affordable price and with high-quality features. Our technical staff can assist you in selecting the optimal design for your application.

Waterproof Aluminum Enclosure

Why You Should Use a Waterproof Aluminum Enclosure

Protection even in the most extreme situations.

Waterproof Aluminum Enclosures are an excellent means of protecting your equipment, even in the toughest of situations. Our Waterproof Aluminum Enclosures are constructed to resist all weather conditions and are ideal for outdoor usage in a continuous capacity. Protecting your cables and wires will aid in preventing damage and wear and tear on your expensive electrical equipment.

Waterproof your electrical equipment

Waterproof Aluminum Enclosures are intended to shield electronic components from moisture and corrosion. In the roughest settings, they are perfect for use with computers, telecom systems, and other sensitive audio/video equipment. They have gasketed coverings that seal effectively while allowing simple access to the internal machinery.

Common Waterproof Aluminum Enclosure Applications

Waterproof Aluminum Enclosure for Computer
Waterproof Aluminum Enclosure for Telecommunications
Telecommunication Systems
Waterproof Aluminum Enclosure for Video or Audio Equipment
Water-Sensitive Audio/Video Equipment

LW: Waterproof Aluminum Enclosure Experts

Are you looking for a waterproof aluminum enclosure that is strong, durable and affordable? We are your best choice in case you have any questions or need help choosing the right one.

Waterproof Aluminum Enclosures are made of high quality aluminum and powder coated for durability, also it can be used in harsh environments.

The rust and corrosion resistant protection adds extra longevity. It is ideal for use with electronic devices such as computers, networking devices and more.

Waterproof aluminum enclosures are ideal for any application where you need to protect electronic devices from the elements.

This corrosion-resistant waterproof aluminum enclosure is made of completely aluminum and can be used in harsh conditions.

It is IP68 rated which means it is fully dustproof and waterproof, protecting against water jets and daily use in environments that require a splash of water or heavy rain. Plus, because it’s 7075 aluminum alloy material, it will not rust.

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